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Lake Havasu City Police and Kingman Police have released the video of the officer involved shooting, below.

Please withhold judgement – this incident is still under investigation, and family may be watching and effected by comments.



The Kingman Police Department continues to investigate the July 25th officer involved shooting death of 56 year old Brent Bowdon, in the 2600blk of Rainbow Ln. in Lake Havasu City, AZ, by officers with the Lake Havasu City Police Department.  The officers involved were 16 year Ofc. Earl Chalfant, 1 year Ofc. Angus McCabe and 7 month Ofc. Camaron Hollis. The investigation has revealed that Bowdon and his wife had been drinking during the hours before the shooting.  During this time Bowdon and his wife became involved in an argument.  The argument was prolonged, lasting several hours, culminating with Bowdon taking his wife’s cell phone and calling 911.  During the 911 call Bowdon did not talk, however the dispatcher could hear yelling and arguing in the background.  Officers arrived and contacted Bowdon’s wife in the street in front of the Rainbow Ln. home. She told officers that her husband was unarmed, but that he was going to pretend that he had a gun. Bowdon, who was heavily intoxicated, was despondent as a result of their argument.  During this same time Bowdon was standing in his driveway with his right hand behind his back.  Officers gave continuous and repeated commands for Bowdon to show them both of his hands and to drop any weapons.  During this time Bowdon told officers he had a gun.  After several minutes Bowdon began to walk towards the officers, with his right hand still behind his back.  Officers continued to plead and ask Bowdon to stop walking, drop any gun and show his hands.  Officer also gave repeated warnings that he would be shot if he continued.  Bowdon stopped walking with in about 15 feet of the officers where they continued to ask him to drop the gun and show his hands.  Bowdon again began to walk towards officers, with his right hand still behind his back, at which time three officers, fearing Bowdon was armed with a weapon, shot.  Officers fired a total of 10 rounds, striking Bowdon multiple times.

The body camera video worn by one of the officers is available for viewing on the Kingman Police Department Facebook page @CityofKingmanPolice.

The investigation is ongoing