At Havasu Scanner Feed, we are dedicated to keeping our community informed while upholding the highest privacy, safety, and responsibility standards. We believe that transparency and respect are essential in all our interactions. Here’s a breakdown of our comprehensive policies:

Information Sharing:

Medical Incidents: Your safety is our top priority. We share information about medical incidents exclusively in public locations where people gather. We do not post medical calls related to private residences to ensure privacy.
Location Details: To safeguard privacy, we round down specific addresses to the nearest hundred or thousand, offering relevant information while respecting personal spaces.
Age Description: Respecting individual privacy, we use general age ranges. For instance, a “36-year-old male” might be called a “Male in his 30s.”
Schools & Assisted Living: We are sensitive to concerns and do not share medical calls at schools or assisted living facilities to prevent undue worry. However, non-medical incidents and citywide concerns are communicated responsibly.
High Profile Incidents: In the case of sensitive incidents like Bank Robbery Alarms, we wait for officers to confirm the situation is under control (CODE 4) before sharing details. This approach ensures accuracy and timeliness.

Your Privacy Matters:

Privacy Policy: We value your privacy and only share pertinent information related to public safety. Personal details and sensitive information are never disclosed, ensuring everyone’s security.
Accuracy of Information: We strive to provide accurate updates, but details may change as situations develop. Always consult official sources for the latest information.
Community Engagement: We encourage positive discussions and interactions within our community. However, any offensive or inappropriate comments will be moderated to maintain a respectful environment.

Staying Informed:

Frequency of Updates: Our commitment is to offer timely and accurate information. Nevertheless, the frequency of posts may vary depending on the nature of the incidents and the availability of reliable information.
Emergency Contacts: For emergencies, rely on official channels like 911 or local emergency services. Our updates complement official sources and should not replace immediate action.

Your Feedback Matters:

Feedback and Concerns: We appreciate your input. If you have questions or concerns about our content or policies, please contact us. Your feedback helps us enhance our services.

Thank you for trusting Havasu Scanner Feed as your source of community information. We are here to provide responsible and valuable updates while respecting your safety and privacy.