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Subject difficulty walking

SERVPRO is available 24/7 to respond quickly to your emergency, including water damage, emergency board up service, fire or mold restoration.

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We provide real-time reporting on Havasu news incidents responded to by Lake Havasu City Police, Fire, and River Medical Inc. Ambulance as heard on the news scanner. We understand that some people may find this information free over the airwaves; however, we charge for the time it takes for us to listen for long hours at a time and post the call details, maintain and ensure uptime of scanners, servers, and the website. We believe this is a valuable service and appreciate your support.


Access to the news articles, with updates (as always) – so you don’t have to be listening to the scanner 24/7, but want to read about it before the printer press’ ink dries.

Ability to Listen to LHCPD, LHCFD, MCSO, and AMR-RMI Live (Website or Zello) so you can get the information faster than we can update the site.

• Listen to a week’s worth of archived dispatch recordings in case there’s an activity that we didn’t post (minor in nature) you can go back and listen to the same audio files we use when we’ve missed a major incident and need to play catch-up.

Digital Access to my book “Details of the Lake Havasu City Emergency Services”, it’s like going back in time in a grade-school field trip to the fire station or police station, but for adults (much more information!). Shameless plug: The book is available in paperback format on Amazon.

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