PRESS RELEASE: Blaze Erupts at Recycling Facility

On Tuesday, May 24, 2023, at around 8:15 in the morning, a fire erupted in the outdoor cardboard recycling section of Republic Waste Services located on the 2000 block of College Dr. Employees at the site noticed smoke billowing from the cardboard recycling heaps and promptly dialed 911. Upon arrival, the first fire unit observed two significant cardboard stacks ablaze, with a third stack exposed to the flames. A response team of three Engine Companies, one Truck Company, and a Deputy Chief swiftly tackled the fire, managing to extinguish it within two hours.

While no firefighters were harmed in the incident, two Republic Waste Services employees had to privately transport themselves to the hospital following smoke inhalation. As the incident unfolded, the Desert Hills Fire Department took over other emergency calls in Lake Havasu City to maintain seamless service. After successfully controlling the fire, the crew stayed at the scene for an extra half an hour to conduct overhaul operations. The origin of the fire remained undetermined at the time this information was made public.

The Lake Havasu City Fire Department would like to take this opportunity to emphasize to all residents the significance of correct recycling habits in minimizing fire risks. It’s worth noting that a considerable number of fires result from improper disposal of items like batteries, electronics, and chemicals. By ensuring these materials are recycled at the appropriate centers, we can avert potentially hazardous situations. Let’s all contribute to the safety and cleanliness of our communities by recycling in a responsible manner. Your cooperation is much appreciated!

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