OFFICIAL RELEASE: Unconfirmed Animal Spotted in Bridgewater Channel


On Monday, May 29, 2023, at approximately 10:20 p.m. an officer with the Lake Havasu City Police Department was conducting routine foot patrols in the Bridgewater Channel, when he observed an animal swimming along the shoreline. The animal was approximately 4 feet in length and a photograph was sent to Arizona Game and Fish representatives for positive identification.

The sighting of this unconfirmed animal was during nighttime hours and there have been no other confirmed sightings. The Lake Havasu City Police Department’s Animal Control Officers and the Arizona Game and Fish Department are conducting a coordinated investigation into this sighting. Other law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction over Lake Havasu have also been made aware of the sighting.

This press release is intended to be informative and not to create panic. The follow-up investigation is being handled by wildlife professionals and AZ Game and Fish officials are actively monitoring the area. The public is encouraged to contact the LHCPD at (928) 855-1171, or the Arizona Game and Fish Dispatcher at (800) 352-0700, with any additional details.

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  1. Sure they aren’t Piranhas for ANOTHER sequel? Any B-list celebrities spotted?

  2. Or someone had an illegal pet they released. This is why Florida has so many issues.

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