Memorial Day Traffic and DUI Enforcement

Folks, it’s all guns blazing this Memorial Day weekend, from Friday, May 26 through Monday, May 29, 2023, as Lake Havasu City Police Department means business! Thanks to a well-earned grant from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, our city’s finest are ramping up their game to keep our roads safer than ever. They’re not just sitting back, they’re taking action.

And here’s a tip from yours truly, the Lake Havasu City PD wants you to get out there, and enjoy your Memorial Day, but do it with some responsibility. Party hard but party smart. Get this – your car doesn’t have to be your ride home. Designate a sober driver or hail a ride-share.

This isn’t just about avoiding trouble, it’s about being the driver of your own destiny. You’ve got choices, make them count. This weekend, show them you’re not just participating in the festivities, you’re leading them. And that starts by leading by example and ensuring you get home safe. You got this!

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