Welfare Check

Posted on Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 at 6:44 AM

During the 4 AM hour PD was dispatched to a report of a Male in his 50s found laying off the road of McCullouch Blvd in front of Walgreens.  No Wants/Warrants


File Photo: of Previous Call of Male Sleeping in front of MCdonalds

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15 comments on “Welfare Check”

  1. Heidi Lochner-Osburn

    Really Havasu Scanner Feed… I am sure the man was thankful for the welfare check however was the photo of him really necessary???

    • Heidi Lochner-Osburn

      Are you kidding me? So someone felt the need to post a picture of a passed out male along with the current post? Make absolutely no sense to me….

    • Havasu Scanner Feed

      Seeing a photo put the situation into perspective and suddenly you care, otherwise it was just another homeless call for service. Glad the attachment pulled on your heartstrings. Now let’s improve the situation vs. just talking about it.

    • Heidi Lochner-Osburn

      I found your post extremely distasteful and degrading!! Perhaps you being a resident of Lake Havasu should focus more on improving the situation…rather than these ridiculous posts. Suddenly I care….how dare you!

  2. Lydia Foster

    It raises awareness better, I think. Glad they didn`t show his face and I hope he is ok. We really do have a problem here and we need to find a way to help these folks.

  3. Tammy Mohr Burt

    I look at photo from a diff perspective….what if friends or fam recognize this person and were by chance looking for him? Didn’t show face, no harm.

    • Heidi Lochner-Osburn

      Good point if he was missing…however he wasn’t and it is not him at all yet another man from another incident. Crazy if you ask me…

  4. Amy Farrish

    People just find all kinds of reasons to bitch! The guy’s name wasn’t mentioned and this guy’s face isn’t shown! I’m pretty sure Havasu scanner feed didn’t ask anyone to like and join their page. Also these are volunteers. If you don’t like how and what they post, get off their page! Start your own page! Since no one tells all of y’all what to post on your Facebook, stop telling other people what to post!

  5. Marissa Hoover

    this is really heartbreaking. Our city should invest in a homeless shelter so the less fortunate don’t have to result to sleeping outside of a Walgreens. we have a bunch of vacant buildings around town.

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