Weapons Offense

Posted on Sunday, October 15th, 2017 at 5:54 PM

MCSO dispatched to Big Bass Cove for a report of a subject who shot the RP’s dog.


Deputies on scene at advising the male subject is unarmed and still on scene.

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22 comments on “Weapons Offense”

  1. Dianna Tyler Reply

    They should get the same amount of treatment one gets for shooting a person…..

  2. Nick Callanta Reply

    How do any of you people know the dog isn’t the asshole in this situation? You’re pretty quick to demonize this dude who could have done it for a justified reason.

  3. Megan Greenfield Reply

    I will withhold judgment until I know more. I have no problem with a person protecting their family from a dangerous dog. I do have a problem with people handling happy dogs with a bullet. That being said, people need to be considerate of others. If your dog won’t shut up you need to keep it indoors and monitor pee breaks

  4. Dede Wolf Reply

    I never trust a person who doesn’t like dogs. I always trust a dog that doesn’t like a person. Prayers for the pup🙏🏼🐾

  5. Christopher Beauchamp Reply

    Too bad the dog didn’t have a gun too! Such restrictive gun laws


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