Subject with a weapon / shots fired 


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1st RP on the phone saying two male subjects arguing, there was screaming and then shots were fired. 

Dispatch now advising they have a 35 year old male subject with a firearm on the phone saying he has a conceal carry permit and shot the other subject in self defense. 

PD arriving on scene. 

Fire Department arriving in the area and will stage until code 4.

Dispatch advising the suspect says he has dismantled the firearm and has it sitting in pieces on the counter. 

PD exercising extreme caution moving towards the incident. 

PD advising the suspect via telephone to come out the front door with his hands up. 

The roadway by the cable company is bring shut down (Havasupai and industrial). 

Suspect detained. 

Suspect being transported to the police station. 

Medical is requesting a trauma alert activation with the hospital. 

Female and two children related to the subject that was shot are being transported to the hospital. 

Roadway re opened as of 4:22 am.

DR #16-4664