Residential Assignment

  1. LHCFD/LHCPD/River Medical dispatched to 600 Block Beachcomber for the reported structure on fire near a mobile home, residence reported to be unoccupied at this time.

Update from LHCPD at scene confirming structure on fire.

Truck 1 at scene confirming fire on Delta side of an RV behind guard shack, stretching a line.

Command establising a 20ft perimeter round structure, E2 to cut power. Companies are defensive at this time.

Command requesting E4 to check exposure buildings for fire involvement, utilities notified.

Initial search of structure unable to be completed due to the power still being energized, command requesting members to check with bystanders to confirm whethere anyone is or was inside.

Desert Hills requested to move up to cover station 5, utility now at scene to cut power to structure for offensive fire attack and searches.

Command requesting a 2nd Alarm, companies now have fire on Charlie side of structure. Power has been shut down via transformer, all hands working w/mutual aid in route.

Command giving the under control, reports fire knocked down and primary searches of interior are complete/negative (Unoccupied). Units rotating for rehab.

Companies picking up and returning, Desert Hills released from cover assignment