Police Activity

Posted on Friday, July 20th, 2018 at 2:23 PM

Happening now outside of Sundance Mobil on Lake Havasu Avenue.

Several officers on scene, including under cover plain clothes units, with a male and female in custody.

UPDATE: The two arrested…

AR 1804942
1) Marijuana-possess/us…
Mccurdy, Paul Jesus (W /M/23) Arrest on chrg of 1) Marijuana-possess/use (M), 2) Drug Paraphernalia-possess/use (M), and 3) Rule Of Criminal Procedure Failure To Comply (M), at 100-BLK Lake Havasu Ave N, Lake Havasu City, AZ, on 7/20/2018 14:34.
AR 1804942
1) Narcotic Drug-posses…
Scott, Julia Louise (W /F/22) Arrest on chrg of 1) Narcotic Drug-possess/use (F), 2) Dangerous Drug-poss/use (F), and 3) Drug Paraphernalia-possess/use (F), at 100-BLK Lake Havasu Ave N, Lake Havasu City, AZ, on 7/20/2018 14:12.

4 comments on “Police Activity”

  1. April-Marie Jones Reply

    I saw this today….any word on what it was about?

  2. Ashley Gilbreath Reply

    It says thier charges under update….its a drug bust

  3. #Really Reply

    OMG such a BIG deal on such a stupid charge, of couse incase they were endangering others. But for Weed!?!?!?!!!

    • Ashley Gilbreath Reply

      According to the charges here only he was charged with posession of weed but she was not she was charged for other but still alot of officers for 2 people thats crazy. It seems like most the police was there

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