Hit and Run

Posted on Saturday, March 26th, 2016 at 9:38 PM

Cheyenne Lane area of South Rainbow. RP heard a loud noise and the neighbors mailbox was hit. Occurred about 10 ago.

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6 comments on “Hit and Run”

  1. Amanda Gilbank

    This was my house. Wasn’t even a hit and run. Someone deliberately yanked out my mailbox that has heavy concrete at the bottom and dragged it all the way into my neighbors yard. (Made a mess out of everything and ruined my mailbox, of course) Keep your doors locked! People are crazy!

  2. Laurá Leneé

    Someone took out two mailboxes, one concert and the other one on a wood post, last week on Papago. There was concert across the two yards, that was how bad it was. I totally thought it was Styrofoam till I seen the little that was left of the concert mailbox in its set place.

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