Head Injury


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Mohave County Sheriffs has an unconscious subject with a head injury on-board their vessel in the area of Steamboat Cove, en route to Cattail Cove. Ambulance dispatched to intercept at Cattail Cove.

Subject still breathing, only under water for approximately 35 seconds.

Ambulance arrived at Cattail Cove and on standby.

SBSD requesting a Helo launch to Steamboat, top of the hill.

Helicopter being cancelled. Transport by boat is after to Contact Point. Ambulance being redirect to Contact Point.

Helicopter 2 to 3 minutes out and still en route to attempt a landing at Steamboat Cove.

Native 8 Helicopter is now on scene and will provide the transport.

Firefighters confirmed the patient is being walked up to and loaded into the helicopter.