Posted on Wednesday, September 19th, 2018 at 8:40 PM

Officers live with a call on Osborn for a report of 6 shots fired.

This post will be updated after scene is secured and more information is available.

Officers detained one subject at the back at the back of the residence. That subject stated there was another man inside the residence who shot at him first.

Interior of the house was checked with no other subjects inside. Another suspect was reported to be in the wash.

Officers reported media (news paper) arrived on scene and officers then switched to SWAT encrypted channel 7 on their radios.

Fire and SWAT cleared. Unknown ending result of the call.



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4 comments on “DEVELOPING STORY: Shots Fired”

  1. Bender Reply

    I live literally right there where it happened I head 2 gun shots, then people in my backyard running then voices on the side of my bedroom window.

  2. Stacy Bergman Reply

    Unacceptable! What do u mean is someone at large we should be informed of that!!! People’s out and about at 8pm at night and I leave work around the corner at 2 am we should be informed of the conclusion of this situation 🙁


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