Posted on Friday, July 22nd, 2016 at 10:16 AM

Hwy 95 at North Palo Verde. 

HSF staff passing by it. 

Ambulance just left with a patient.

Second ambulance en route to hospital 

Third ambulance en route to hospital. 

Submitted by Annie Pioehn:

Submitted by Michael Salone:

Submitted by Breanna Ray:

Submitted by Tonya Gibson:

12:19 PM – Southbound lanes re-opened for traffic.

12:27 PM – All lanes back open.


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72 comments on “Accident ”

  1. Debera Reply

    It’s North Palo Verde and SR95 with four cars and many first responders. Many taken by ambulance but at this time there were no deaths, thank goodness

  2. Cheryl Feinberg Reply

    Any update? I’m sitting in Trendsetters on Mesquite and so far have seen 3 ambulances and a couple of fire trucks go towards HRMC. concerned.

    • Crystal Werner Reply

      Please do not be so quick to judge. People do have medical episodes some times. Get your facts before you start accusing.

  3. Painterz Reply

    My goodness that looks really bad. Wow, any updates? Prayers to all. :/

  4. Debera Reply

    Three transported by ambulance many prayers to all involved, terrifying to know someone involved my heart aches for all involved

    • Annie Ploehn Reply

      The people ran so fast to help them. The guy was amazing jumping up on top and grabbing them all. The others at his side helping. Wonderful people.

  5. Marcia Enderle Reply

    ****bad traffic london bridge notthbnd; I just drove south–northbnd is mostly stop/occasionally a little go from lake all the way to dover

  6. Tonya Jo Lancto Reply

    Brent and Tenille praying for your father ( and in law) Kevin. May he be able to fight through this. Looked like a bad one. I was lucky GOD gave me my dad back after his Sunday scare last week. Almost made a mad plane ride down …


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