Memorial Day Weekend Recap: Lake Havasu City Police Department in Action


Well, folks, it’s been a bustling Memorial Day weekend in Lake Havasu City! The long weekend, spanning from Friday, May 26, to Monday, May 29, 2023, saw our dedicated police force quite on their toes.

The Lake Havasu City Police Department got a whopping 866 calls for service – talk about being in demand! The long weekend wasn’t all BBQs and sun-tans; a headcount of 80 individuals had an unexpected detour from their holiday festivities, finding themselves under arrest. Of these law-bending holidaymakers, 60 took a time-out in the LHCPD jail, 18 got off with a citation and a stern lecture, and 2 minors were handed over to their presumably displeased parents. A solid 14 out of these 80 arrests were for no-joking-around felony charges. Not to mention, the diligent officers also managed to put pen to paper for a total of 147 reports – their hands must be cramping!

With all the holiday hullabaloo, traffic safety isn’t something to be taken lightly in Lake Havasu City. Thanks to a nice little funding boost from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, our police force had extra resources for keeping our roads as sober as a judge. Out of all the drivers feeling a little too merry, 22 found themselves facing DUI charges, with 7 of these being serious enough to be classified as felonies. Meanwhile, 324 drivers had a friendly chat with our officers during civil traffic stops, resulting in 102 citations being issued.

If you’re a fan of nitty-gritty details and want to delve deeper into the arrest varieties and categories from this year’s Memorial Day weekend, we’ve got you covered. Simply turn the page and check out the attached spreadsheet. It’s got all the stats and facts to satisfy your curiosity!

Attached Spreadsheet

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