• Fixed Invoices Screen under the Accounts Section. The screen was not loading in the past.


  • Max number of logins restricted to three to prevent sharing of accounts.
  • Added dark-mode capabilities to make it easier on the eyes to read at night.
  • Created a script that automatically restarts Zello for each channel each morning.
  • Created a script that automatically restarts AutoFTP which fixes the Archives not uploading.


  • Disabled the AD-Blocker. We apologize for those that were effected by the script even though they were not using an AD-Blocker.


  • Logged-out users post view restricted to first 48-hours. Create a free account/login to view posts beyond 48-hours.


  • Upgraded Membership Sales Funnel.
  • Discontinued “Yearly” Plan for new subscribers.
  • Logged-in users automatically bypass Sales Funnel front page and are redirected to the incident log


  • AdBlocker disabled for paying subscriber accounts.


  • BETA: Half-Hour Broadcasts now available for those wanting more frequent updates via email.
  • BETA: Nightly recaps moved to our new in-house mail system, and also available from the “emails” menu option once logged in. No action needed for those already on our recap email list.


  • Fixed the web streaming players for the scanners for those on the “Premium Trial”.  The players broke when we upgraded the site to SSL.


  • Payment Gateway now allows new subscribers to choose between processing their credit card information directly from within the website, pay by check, or checkout with their PayPal account.
  • SSL Certificate Proof added to footer of website.
  • Fixed the permissions on the Help (support ticket system) option that was preventing new tickets from being able to be opened, emails to go out notifying of responses, etc.



  • Corrected an issue with the LHCPD Archive where a few old archives were uploading each day to the “todays” recordings section.
  • Updated the system to move files over at 1 minute before midnight so that the midnight-1 AM recording remains in “todays” recording section.
  • Added “Users Online” at the top right of the sidebar (which only shows for non-paying subscribers).



  • Changelog created for future update tracking for our followers.
  • Free membership opened up without need for registration.
  • Free membership option removed from “Join” page.
  • Font size increased for easier reading.
  • Search box added to the top of each webpage.
  • Our Book added to the sidebar linking to book on Amazon.
  • Our Store added to the sidebar linking to Cafe Press.
  • Facebook’s fbclid query stripped from links bringing visitors to our site.  Hoping this resolves our logging out issue.



  • SSL Added to domain, making all pages load securely (https).



  • Audio Archives will only upload when there has been audio on that scanner for that given hour.