Verbal / DV

Posted on Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 at 3:15 PM

PD en route to the 2100 block of Injo Drive for a report of an 8-year-old yelling and throwing things around the house.

PD now arriving on scene.

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43 comments on “Verbal / DV”

  1. Carina Danielson Reply

    Why do parents call the cops on their children under 10? Thats just stupid. A.) You’re the parent. Be the parent, not their friend. B.) Why? Why do you do this? Police have other things they need to do a lot more important than parenting YOUR child.

    • Kelsi Payne Reply

      Yes but then the child can run to school and tell that they got spanked or what not then cps gets involved. Parents are afraid to spank their kids cause everyone is cps calling happy about everything. :-/

    • Misty Moore Reply

      My daughter actually called the cops on me because she was yelling and talking back so I pop her across the mouth. They came out and told her it wasn’t abuse and she can get in trouble for calling them out there. She was 10 at the time.

    • Natalie Ball Reply

      The police department will tell you tht you are allowed to spank your child as long ar it leaves no bruises. I will never live in fear of my own child, period!

  2. Joyce Reply

    unless this child is 7 ft tall and 300 lbs Mamas hand should be on the butt.

  3. GlobeTrot Reply

    You have got to be SHITTING ME?!? What kind of parent calls the police on their 8 year old for throwing a temper tantrum?!? Really?!?

    • Kitrina Roberts Cooper Reply

      I have 2 kids….25 yrs and 12 yrs….both have been spanked. I even told my daughter in front on teachers she was getting a spanking. My brother-in-law is a retired police officer and said you can spank your kids, just don’t leave a mark. My kids are raised the old fashioned way with discipline, rukes, and consistency….they are both good kids with manners and won’t disrespect any adult especially teachers….they don’t run and act crazy in stores or church either, you know why? They know I demand them to behave as if they are around us at all times. Do they misbehave…..yes, but it is never to the point I am afraid and need to call the cops. Parents….do your job and stop expecting everyone else to do it for you!!!!

    • Ashley Ruelas-cruz Reply

      Our kids know they will get smacked if they show any kind of disrespect toward any adult. But in general people will freak out if you try to disciple kids in a physical manner is the point I was trying to make. Society is so sensitive that disrespect is more acceptable then discipline.

  4. Marissa Palmer Reply

    None of you people know if this kid has a mental instability, my baby cousin is only 10 and has a brain injury from a car accident. when he goes into a tantrum, he does seriously pose a threat to anyone in the general vicinity, and sometimes the police to have to get involved. You never know whats going on behind closed doors, so throwing shade at the parent is ridiculous.

  5. Joseph Cool Reply

    Lmfao wow what kind of parent calls the cops because of a 7 yr old having a temper tantrum?? Maybe if you could actually discipline (spank) your child, the cops wouldn’t have to be called and they could actually do real police work not parenting work.

  6. Kari Orr Reply

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Spank them, it’s NOT illegal. Obviously this child has never had consequences, and acts this way because of that! Guess what, they are the product of how they are raised.. They do this because they CAN.

  7. Pamela Heyl Reply

    Its easy to cast stones when you don’t know the situation. Why not give the mother some support and commend her for what she did instead of possibly loosing control of the situation and doing something she would always regret. Everyone is quick to blame and condemn and pass judgement. What a better society we would be if those same people would be just quick to be supportive and positive and encouraging.

  8. Abby Reply

    What if the child is a foster child. The parents are not allowed to spank.

  9. Veronica Forston Reply

    I don’t know the details to this call, but I certainly hope the parents didn’t call. For those parents who call the police to scare their kids – or even threaten to call the police to control their kids – that is the most immature, chicken shit, ignorant thing you can possibly do. By doing that, not only do you lose your child’s respect for not being the adult and handling it yourself, but you are also teaching them to FEAR the police.

    With all that is going on these days, that is the last thing your child needs. They should be taught to look up to the police and call them when they NEED them. They should be taught that the police are there to help them. They are not the boogey man or woman mom and dad try to make them out to be, to scare them into going to bed at night, or minding them.

    If you honestly cannot control your kid, and it’s THAT bad to where you feel you NEED to involve the police, it’s time for you to get professional assistance. Take parenting classes. If you really NEED the police, ask them for places that will help you with your child. I’ve raised two step kids and their kids as well. It’s not easy. It was difficult for me because I never had kids of my own and had to learn overnight basically. The last thing I would do is to call the police on a kid or threaten to, to control their behavior. So if it’s that far out of control, sorry to say, but you need help from a professional counselor or parenting classes. I understand some instances where you may need police assistance, but use common sense. I’ve already seen parents USING the police to scare their kids into behaving. That is not cool.

    Don’t USE the police to scare your kids. Many or most of them have kids of their own. They are heroes to their kids even before they put that badge and uniform on. Give them a chance to be a hero to your kid and give your kid a chance to learn that police officers are kind and caring human beings.

    I learned this when I was a little girl and my first police officer friend/hero befriended me after I witnessed a traumatic event. He was there for me when I was 7 and he visited me almost every single day to make sure I was okay. He visited me for about two years or so, until one day he was shot five times. He lived, but he never came back. I was so devastated because, being little, I thought they could plug up the bullet holes and send him back to me. HE was the reason I joined the police explorers when I got older.

    Even though I never became a police officer due to too much traumatic events as a child, I still met many more police officers who greatly influenced my life, and I never got into trouble. I did lose many loved ones (police officers) to murder/suicide, and have problems from that, but I would NEVER want to have grown up any differently.

    I’ve met some of the kindest, most caring individuals in law enforcement, and I keep meeting and befriending more. So please be careful what you teach your kids about police officers. What they learn as children will stay with them for life. It has for me.

  10. Terrie jacobson Reply

    You guys really need to get a life. OH YEA THERE IS A BOOK FOR THAT. AT


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