Vehicle vs. bicycle

Posted on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018 at 7:41 AM

A student at the entrance to Lake Havasu High School was struck by a vehicle while riding his bike just moments ago.

School staff out with the student and the bike which is still on the ground.

Police, fire department and ambulance en route.

15-year old male, conscious, breathing, complaining of pain to back of legs.

2 comments on “Vehicle vs. bicycle”

  1. Tina Reply

    Hope and pray this person is going to be OK. And the P.D caught the person that did that.

  2. ajboyd96 Reply

    They did. Traffic was blocked at the entrance to the school and an officer was talking to the driver involved. It seemed to have occured where the stop sign is located leaving the student parking lot before the stoplight. I don’t remember there being a crosswalk there, so we’ll see what happens. Praying the student is okay.


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