Vehicle Rollover

Posted on Sunday, July 17th, 2016 at 9:30 PM

Kiowa and Iroquoise a truck has rolled and is on its side. 
Westbound Lanes are being blocked off. 
One patient. Male subject at the scene walking around. 

Shut down at Kiowa and Palisades. 

Beginning tests for alcohol impairment. 

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  1. Kelcoholic Reply

    Last night The truck was listed for sale on the Anderson site.Under certified pre owned Ram.The driver was one of the sales managers there. I know he refused FSTs & was arrested but I wouldnt be suprised if that truck was faulty. We bought one of their CPO Ram Trucks and found out it had been wrecked,covered up & signed off as certified.It was a 2014 Ram SLT but had replacement parts stamped 2015 made in Taiwan! The Carfax was doctored & best of all, it had 2 mismatched headlights! We brought it back,drove to Bill Luke & bought a new Ram (thousands $$ less&Big Horn model) I have all docs & photos I will gladly share with anyone interested in hopes it saves someone from becoming a victim stuck with a substandard vehicle.I wish the best for the victim in this incident and hope hes able to replace the vehicle with the lowball amount they’ll offer up.Demand every penny you put into it above their fair market value.Trust me.Been there.They tried that!


    Question?? Why was the arrest report on the driver removed? Was it inaccurate & its down for editing or was it at the request of the employer? I think his arrest was important to post since his actions could’ve very easily been fatal.He’s lucky to be alive and should thank the stars above that the vehicle he plowed onto wasnt occupied.


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