Vehicle Roll Over

Posted on Friday, November 2nd, 2018 at 9:50 PM

Engine 3, Truck 1, Battalion Chief, River Medical Ambulance, and PD en route to a Roll Over Vehicle in the 1500 block of South McCulloch Blvd for one patient trapped inside the vehicle unresponsive with fuel leaking from the vehicle.

Engine 5 and AR1 also added to the call along with second ambulance.

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PD blocking traffic in the area.

Second ambulance canceled.

Patient extricate at 9:59 pm and transported code 2 (no lights or sirens) from the scene.

PD advising alcohol is believed to be a factor in this incident.

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4 comments on “Vehicle Roll Over”

  1. r m giffin Reply

    Yep, upside down in a posted 35 mph pilot error, prayers for s speedy recovery from a lesson learned the hard way.

  2. DJ Maydak Reply

    It is right in front of my family’s house Literally on their driveway


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