Vehicle on Fire

Posted on Friday, September 2nd, 2016 at 12:25 PM

PD blocking Acoma and South Pima, and Acoma and Smoketree for a Vehicle on Fire.

FD arriving on scene advising vehicle is fully engulfed.

Fire out at 12:32 PM

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20 comments on “Vehicle on Fire”

  1. Tammy Reply

    So glad the woman that was driving got out quick!!! I’m thinking who ever it was that supposedly fixed her car be owing her a new one!!!!

  2. Fatima Boutalib Reply

    Banned from commenting on arrest reports by the Nazi who is Robert J. Starkey but not here! Suk it Starkey I was there when AJ grabbed you by the scruff of your tiny pencil neck and you cried like a baby with a dirty diaper rash! OMG you are such a Wuss Starkey! HaHa

  3. melika lizarazu Reply

    I would not trust anything this women says. She probably set the car on fire to make it look like her husband did it. I unfortunately had to live with this crazy lady who I saw hit her kids and yell at her husband to embarrass him, a lady who tried getting pregnant by another married man. Sadly she even sent her own husband to the police station knowing he was under the influence of prescribed prescription pills hoping that the police would arrest him and take him away. I don’t care if any of you guys are going to say anything bad about me I lived with this lady and I truly know what type of person she is and she truly is ugly. I’m happy to know that she got out safely but things happen for a reason what goes around comes around and she knows everything that she has done in the past couple of months has led up to this.

  4. melika lizarazu Reply

    My prayers will be with Jeff in hope that this does not fall on him.

  5. DistantRelative Reply

    Chantel Nyberg=Munchausen Syndrome
    Perfect Justice? Get those kids out of there. With therapy and enough love, maybe they won’t be complete wastes like their parents.


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