Vehicle into Residence

Posted on Friday, August 5th, 2016 at 11:49 AM

RP is reporting they accidentally ran into their residence with a vehicle. Emergency personnel dispatched to 2100 block of Alta Vista Drive.

Residence are evacuating the residence.

Fire Department en route, switching to TAC-3.

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13 comments on “Vehicle into Residence”

  1. Gale Taylor Reply

    I had insane driver almost rear end me around 2pm. Downtown McCulloch. Swerving. At one point he was on my rt side eyeball to eyeball .on one lane rd. I pulled over. So did guy in front of me. Couldn’t make out plates. Truck white roof then multi blue black graphic on body. He turned left on Acoma. Blond bearded white construction guy. Scared me to death. Mean looking

  2. Lisa Denney Reply

    Probably the drunk guy that was driving on the sidewalk on my way to work at 8am this morning.


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