Vehicle into Building

Posted on Wednesday, October 12th, 2016 at 11:50 AM

RP is advising that a trash truck has crashed into the restrooms building at the Swap-Meet. The vehicle has been there for about an hour, there have been no previous calls to LHCPD Dispatch on the incident.

PD en route.

PD arriving on scene advising the vehicle operator is on scene and is moving the vehicle. No injuries.

FD engine arrived on scene. PD advising FD can cancel. FD Battalion Chief advising they are arriving on scene, all other FD except first engine can cancel.

FD advising this occurred at approximately 7 AM.

Building Representative requested due to severe structural damage.

Photos compliments of Michelle Parsons

The following photos were sent to us by Kristin Stroup, taken by Matt Trump and posted with his permission:








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28 comments on “Vehicle into Building”

  1. Ara Lee Schuler Reply

    I seen this and called it in. No one was around! I took some photos, the back side of the building is cracked also and it’s at the restrooms at the swap meet .

  2. Ara Lee Schuler Reply

    I called it in and no one had reported this. I guess when pd showed up to the driver said it happen at 7 this morning???? Really I didn’t see anyone so I took a few photos and called it in. Odd that this happen at 7 and no one seen a big blue trash truck in a building. :/


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