Vehicle Accident with Injuries

Posted on Monday, June 13th, 2016 at 12:22 PM

Several Police Officers and Fire Engines responding to the Northbound lanes of Highway 95 at Chenoweth for a injury accident, vehicle still in highway lanes.

Desert Hills is responding to the scene as well.

Semi Truck vs. Passenger Vehicle.

FD reporting two patients, both refusing medical transport. Ambulance reduced to CODE 2 (no lights/sirens)

3 comments on “Vehicle Accident with Injuries”

  1. Max Boehme Reply

    Hope everyone’s ok .please watch the road not cell phone all it takes is a minute of not paying attention to the road and your left with years of therapy or even maybe u might not recover so think before u text or make a call whale driving pull over if your cell cant wait and never take eyes off the road its not worth your life or someone else’s u only get one life use it wisely


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