Vehicle Accident with Injuries

Posted on Sunday, January 14th, 2018 at 8:05 PM

Emergency Personnel en route to two red Chevy Pickup Trucks on the HWY near mile marker 186 near Lake Drive blocking southbound lanes – one occupant is a pregnant female.

PD on scene:  The pregnant female is injured.  There is a second female in the other vehicle is also pregnant and injured.  Both are still in their vehicles.

Second ambulance being dispatched to the scene.

FD on scene:  Confirming southbound lanes.  Highway Patrol on scene.  PD on scene.  Intersection being blocked next to the ambulance.

FD:  Possibly 3 refusals and one transport.  Both vehicles have airbag deployment.

FD Updating only one pregnant female.  5 Patients – 3 refusals, 2 transports.

Vehicles secured.

Second ambulance on scene.

Patient 1 en route to hospital at 20:23 HRS + 1 family ride-along.

Patient 2 en route to hospital at 20:24 HRS + 1 fire personnel ride-along.

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