Vehicle accident with injuries 

Posted on Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 at 3:15 PM

Two vehicles involved in an accident on Lake Havasu Avenue southbound at South Palo Verde. 

Traffic being diversed.

Patients being transported . 

Tow en route 

Fire DR #16-7290

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6 comments on “Vehicle accident with injuries ”

  1. Michelle Bowes Reply

    It doesn’t say where the person if from that caused the accident. Since half the people who live here are from CA, I wouldn’t be so quick to discount it’s a Californian.

  2. Tammy Reply

    And El Polo Loco isn’t even finished building yet! Trust me there are going to be plenty more of those accidents on that corner once up and running!!! Stupid place for a drive thru!!!

  3. Yahoo Reply

    It’s Snowbird season. Traffic accidents double this time of year, that’s a fact.


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