Vehicle Accident with Entrapment


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Two SUV’s in a vehicle accident on London Bridge Road and North Palo Verde. One vehicle (suburban) has three patients with minor injuries and will be transported delayed, and one immediate transport. The other vehicle (excursion) has a trapped patient which will be taken to the hospital in critical condition. A trauma alert has been activated.

Desert Hills Fire also on scene assisting.

Two ambulances has been assigned to the call.

Third ambulance has been assigned to the call.

1 patient has been transported complaining of chest pains.

Third ambulance now on scene. Hospital advises they are able to accept all 5 patients.

Fourth ambulance is en route to the call /10 minute ETA

Male in his 50’s with open wound to his leg, and blunt force trauma to his chest – en route to the hospital.

Female in late 70s suffering from injuries due to airbag deployment.

Male Juvenile, suffering from left side femur fracture and blood loss caused by airbag deployment.

4th ambulance arriving on scene – patient be prepared for transport.

Blood kit requested by PD to test for alcohol involvement.

Ambulance 2 en route to hospital with two delayed transports.

Mother of the juvenile is being contacted to advise her that her son has been involved in an accident and is en route to the hospital.

Juvenile is under 21, and stated he had a beer earlier, two beers were located in the vehicle he was driving.

3rd ambulance with 1 immediate en route to hospital.

4th ambulance with 1 immediate en route to hospital.

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