Head On Collision

Posted on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 at 12:12 PM

2 Engines, a Battalion Chief, and Medical Unit responding to a possible Injury Accident.

RP in the 2800 block of Silver Clipper Lane stating they can see a possible accident on the HWY from their house, near Sara Park Mile Marker 175.

DPS has received calls on this advising it’s a head on collision – a white SUV vs. Green Honda Accord

FD arriving on scene, patient triage

Battalion Chief advising they have requested a second ambulance

PD arriving on scene requesting another unit to shut down Southbound at S. McCulloch – Whole highway will be shut down. Traffic will be diverted through Sara Park.

ADOT en route, ETA 10 Minutes

1 Driver in each vehicle, minor. Possibly refusals.

Two tows requested – major front end damage on each vehicle.

FD released, ambulances released. Battalion Chief Clear. Scene turned over to PD.

Highway re-opened.

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9 comments on “Head On Collision”

  1. Kori Stocker O'Connell Reply

    I travel this road every day for work… here’s a tip for all you impatient people; wait until you can pass safely!!! I’m so sick of seeing people play “chicken” on that road.

  2. Debra Needham Reply

    I travel 95 South a lot too and have called that stretch “The Gauntlet” for years. Needs to be more cops and less stupidity!!


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