Vehicle Accident

Posted on Monday, October 2nd, 2017 at 8:18 AM


At 7:33 AM medics were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident at Smoketree Elementary (2395 Smoketree Avenue) preschool side for a vehicle vs. 11-year-old with a head injury – walking around.


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  1. Matthew Lentz Reply

    I called LHCPD last year and explained that their hiding technique does no good except to give out tickets. If a cop is going to be present in a school zone, they should be where all motorists can see and acknowledge their existence. This whole idea that they hide so they can give a ticket is dangerous and proves they care about revenue before real safety. After I called they moved from their hiding spot and started to have an actual presence by Nautilus. This year they are back to their hide and ticket game. This is bulls#it. It is proven over and over that if a cop is present (and not hiding) people will pay closer attention. I really hope this accident didn’t have a cop playing hide and ticket

    • Michelle Roy Reply

      I know they sit on swift where they can’t be seen until you almost pass them..scary my son rides his bike wears a helmet but I see people speeding even when the cross guard is present.

    • Matthew Lentz Reply

      Call LHCPD and tell them to be Proactive in safety of our schools instead of pro hide and seek ticket givers. They listened to me last year but I feel like if more people voiced in, they would do it again. I went to the Police Department and made a complaint in person. That $200 ticket (or whatever it may be) for a school zone violation isn’t going to save a kids life. How they don’t comprehend that, I don’t know.

    • Michi Shed Reply

      Usually the cops at smoketree are visible. I can’t speak for this morning because i was not there but many times while picking up my nephew from smoketree i have seen them in plain sight.

  2. Tonya Jo Lancto Reply

    Instead of pointing fingers at police playing hide and ticket, please keep this family involved and child in your prayers. My son went to Smoketree and I can tell you that the drop off zone is busy, it may not have been a “speeding” car, but a kid who failed to look both ways before crossing the street and darted out in front of the car. My son was guilty of this a few times and I had to ream him a few more times to look both ways and slow down.
    Now, I can say that many cars speed on Acoma around that area and always scared me when he wanted to ride his bike to school.


  3. Alicia Shed Reply

    Prayers to the little girl and her family. I hope she heals quickly.

    The cops at smoketree are always visible they park right at the corner of the street this happened on or the one up from it. Or actively driving in the area.

  4. Matthew Lentz Reply

    I’m not saying the cops are at fault here. I’m simply explaining one thing I did to keep the nautilus area safer. I spoke up and they listened. This seems like a simple point about how their location plays a roll in safety. Sorry if you took it as an attack on PD. Not meant to be that at all and I don’t even know it’s relevance in this exact scenario. Was simply giving you options that helped the Nautilus area. Hope the 11 year old is good and I appreciate PD doing their job. I would say if you see a situation that can be made better by having a voice in it, then speak up. It may simply mean you may have a better idea that could keep our kids safer. I sure did by Nautilus.


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