Vehicle Accident

Posted on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 at 5:51 PM

At 5:13pm emergency personnel were dispatched to Riviera and Mesquite for a motor vehicle accident.

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16 comments on “Vehicle Accident”

    • Kristin Childress-Jonker Reply

      It might go through all those different companies first but it did take them that long to get there. There were several people there wanting to know why the long response time. The post and dispatch call says the wrong street too so maybe that’s what took longer?

    • Tascha Vingochea Reply

      I also called at 5:06 and no one showed until 5:16. The girl driving the blue car had her sister arrive before any police, fire or ambulance. It took a long time.

    • Tascha Vingochea Reply

      It did seem like a long response time I’m thinking maybe there were no units in the Area maybe. I’m glad the one guy was there to help slow down traffic, I was so worried that someone was going to rear end the car the way people were speeding past. It was obvious there was something happening and still nobody even reduced their speed.

    • Kristin Childress-Jonker Reply

      I know, I was worried about the same thing. The other guy that was helping before the PD arrived was a great help! Just sucked that as soon as the first officers that arrived were total jerks to him, myself and a few others that were there trying to help out. I get it, once they get there they need to clear everyone away but to yell at us was ridiculous. I did tell the 2nd officer who arrived (officer Anderson) about the other officers behavior and after I asked if he had a camera on and he said no, I said “good, just wanted to tell you the other officer (said his name) Was a dick.” And yes, I said that exactly to him and he kindof laughed about it. I hope he doesn’t give him my name now, lol


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