Vehicle Accident

Posted on Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 at 10:16 PM

Police are responding to the area of the high school for a white Explorer type vehicle that may have hit a fence. The driver may be attempting to flee the scene.

The driver (Hispanic wearing white t-shirt and jeans) is fleeing on foot up South Palo Verde.

Male subject ran into an apartment complex. Officers are setting up a parameter.

Plate comes back to a Chevy.

A 3rd RP is calling in stating that a muscle car was involved, it left towards Acoma.

Male subject detained at Briarcrest and Pepperwood.

Medics requested, officer stating the subject is bleeding pretty bad from the accident.

7 comments on “Vehicle Accident”

  1. Therese Cleary Reply

    What a shit show at the scene at the high school. I do believe I may have been the first to call in the incident as I actually saw the guy get out of the vehicle. He hit a sign and was stuck in the gravel. A few seconds or minute sooner, I would have been at the light making a left onto Kiowa and possibly been t-boned. First off my stupid cell phone with Verizon as my provider took my 911 call to Kingman PD. Then when I finally get through to Havasu PD the operator was less than professional. How man times does one have to repeat the same sentence as the individual is fleeing the scene??? JUST sent some police cars. Then I get surrounded by cars in the parking lot, feeling unsafe I tell the operator I am leaving and end my call. I head up Palo Verde to try to speak with one of the cops as he turns his back on me and spits in the street and dismisses me? Seriously???? Where are the day of force with Bob Speory, Marc Mallory, Gary Dull, Gino Rideccio, Stacy. . . they were all cops who took the second to listen. I have lived in LHC since 1987, I’m a good citizen and never been in a bit of trouble with the law.

  2. Frank Savage Reply

    He was hiding in my back yard. He fell trying to clime my pool fence. He’s lucky that I didn’t have my pants on. by the time I got them on he was gone, or he would have had more blood on him. I have a clip of him on my patio trying to clime the fence. The dumb FUCK fell. Looked drunk.


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