Update to Officer Involved Shooting

Posted on Monday, June 20th, 2016 at 4:33 PM


Devin Christopher Scott, 20 of Lake Havasu City.

As is protocol LHCPD requested that Kingman PD respond and conduct the criminal investigation.  Initial information determined that LHCPD responded to a domestic disturbance at a residence in the 2400blk. of Everglades Dr. in Lake Havasu City, Sunday night at about 8:20pm.

Officers arrived and determined that Devin Christopher Scott was the cause of the disturbance and had left the residence before officers arrived.  Scott returned to the home at about 11:50pm and as a result of not being allowed back into the home is alleged to have broken windows, banged on doors, broke exterior lights and entered the home.

Scott’s father called 911.  When officers arrived back to the home Scott, who was wanted on criminal charges from the first disturbance, had barricaded himself in a bedroom.  Officers forced open the bedroom door to take Scott into custody when they were confronted by Scott who had armed himself with a knife.  An officer attempted to use an electronic control device (Taser) that was not effective, during which time Scott is alleged to have aggressively approach the officers, one of which shot Scott.  Scott was shot twice; once in the torso and once in the arm.  Officers immediately rendered first aid to Scott who was ultimately transported to Havasu Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

The officer who shot Scott has been with the LHCPD for 1 year 5 months, and has been placed on administrative leave, which is standard protocol for officer involved shootings.  In the home during the incident was Scott’s 2 year old daughter, his girlfriend and his father.  No one else was injured. The investigation is ongoing.

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272 comments on “Update to Officer Involved Shooting”

  1. Sean Brown Sr. Reply

    Officers hear the story of the reporting party first, and then the subjects, IF the subject is willing to cooperate and give their side. Officers went there TWICE, the second time was when he returned to the house after bailing before officers got there the first time they were called. Officers were obviously told how he had been acting and what had gone on both times. Right then and there, they have to decide how to handle a situation. Its NOT an easy task. Then add what the subject was doing/saying and how he was acting, and you have a split second decision made by one out of four officers in a 10×10 bedroom, with the subject allegedly holding a knife and refusing to put it down. And then to top it off, the man was allegedly aggressive with the knife, which led to the officer firing two shots. By what was reported, the officer seems to have done the right thing. A knife in a very aggressive subjects hand can be more dangerous and deadly than a gun, believe it or not. I side with the officers on this one. I’m sorry the man died, but his actions seemed to have been the cause of it. I feel sorry for the little girl, the girlfriend, and this mans family. In the end, an officer did what he was trained to do, and now, he must deal with the court of public opinion, those that claim to know more than he.

      • Karen Reply

        His girlfriends stated there was no knife. And very interesting… The same situation happened at my fathers house several years back with my brother. I thank God I lived only a few blocks away. The police would not remove my brother from the house, even though he was violent, messed up on drugs and punched several holes in the wall. The officers stated that since his state ID had my fathers address on it, it was his home too and refused to remove him from the premises. My brother was married and was here from Chicago at the time. His wife also kicked him out and somehow he got the money to get to Arizona. I personally had to “threaten” him and got him out. I’m sorry but there is absolutely NO justification in this case with Devon. May he rest in peace and may his loved ones be blessed and watched over by the Man upstairs. This was a senseless act and everyone’s part. Had been given the opportunity to get him out, his girlfriend would have been able to as I know her and their situation very well. She was held at gunpoint and forced to get out of his room. I think it’s more than past time that this city looks into more aggressive training for their officers. Personally, I think they should spend a months training in La, Chicago or New York. That may help them to determine their action in that “split second” before they decide to get trigger happy

    • Brianna Marie Seedorf Reply

      Too bad there’s been multiple reports right?? And non of them match up fully not only that but I’ve been to the home and have looked at the entire room the report also says that no one else was harmed and the kids father was thrown on the ground and arrested while they searched his home for 10 hours with no warrant… leaving him to go home to a bloody mess the day after fathers day…. The morning after he was told he’d see a judge about his charges and then was released without seeing anyone… sorry but they’re covering their ass

  2. Kelcoholic Reply

    To protect and serve. Weapon or not, a person can inflict great bodily harm. Protected and served the citizens who felt threatened by placing themselves in harms way against the threat. Not complying with officers demands was not a mistake. It was a threat. This guy was NOT wanted in the home. He entered anyway. Had that been your home and someone you were afraid of entered, I’m sure there would be similar results! (minus the cpr attemt) It was ok for the family to feel threatened but its not ok for the officer? Family knew him best and they feared the guy.Who would he have hurt if the police hadnt arrived when they did? Tragic ending but could have been much worse. His own actions caused the end result. Period.

  3. Jesse James Reply

    They could have tasted him … Or went about arresting him many other ways .. Was he aggressive or not with a weapon doesn’t matter to me there was no reason to barge in the room with and shoot him!! Lhpd sucks

      • Lucy Reply

        The article is incorrect and so were the police. I posted earlier about the exact same situation that happened and the police REFUSED to remove my brother who was a threat to my father. The shooter needs to do some serious soul searching and beg for forgiveness He killed a boy, a father, a son. The kid may not have been perfect but I don’t suspect that anyone is. I couldn’t imagine being in his fathers shoes right now I continue to pray for the family and loved ones and hope they find peace within themselves. Such uncalled for decisions made by the people we pay. God forgive us all

    • Holly Kae Hartline Reply

      See above post with link for available positions within the department. If you think you can do better, please by all means! Assuming you can even pass the rigorous testing (both mental and physical) required for the position.

    • JayJay Reply

      Yes, David. When the investigation is complete. They’re probably scared for the officers safety since we have all of these nutbag conspiracy theorists who think the cops just wanted to shoot an innocent, unarmed, sober child who just wanted to watch cartoons and color when the big bad police broke in and killed everybody for no reason…and caused climate change. Why are you so concerned with the officers name? When the investigation is complete they will state his/her name in the report and you can join the mob and make your own wild assumptions about the officers motives at that time. Sound good?

  4. Jordan Yingling Reply

    Nobody even knows if he was in drugs ok! I’m sure since they decided to do an autopsy even tho they know how he died they will run a tox screen as well so just let it be stop making assumptions stop reading the report and saying that’s what happened because not all of it is true. Until the father and girlfriend have talked to the police too to get their side of the story and they get the videos everyone just needs to stop ok….

  5. Michelle Goldsmith Reply

    Why not just shoot him in the knees n not the chest? Just curious. Seems like there are alot of unanswered questions. I am sorry for all involved it is a very sad situation.

  6. Michelle Goldsmith Reply

    The police were also called to the home prior where they say he broke into the home and pushed his gf down n hit her in the back with his fists. I do know that the lhpd are very concerned when it comes to Dv calls due to the 4 people that were shot and killed in a home by an angry ex. So I am sure there is alot more to the story. It is a sad loss for everyone.

  7. JayJay Reply

    Sooooo many conspiracy theorists here. Why do the criminals family/friends always point fingers at the police as if they just had it out for this guy, showed up unannounced and assassinated him for no reason? Seriously, this was the 3rd call to this residence this month in regards to this violent individual. The police did their job. They ended the threat. Kicking in doors, breaking windows, beating up women, lunging at officers with a knife, etc. Sounds more like suicide by cop. He was either high as a kite, mentally unstable or he wanted to die. Stop blaming the innocent cops who didn’t want to get dragged into this guys downward spiral. Shame on you people.

  8. JayJay Reply

    I highly encourage you all to explore Devin Scott’s Instagram profile and read about how he admittedly doesn’t respect law enforcement, encourages youth to experiment with drugs and alcohol and posts picture after picture of himself doing drugs. Me_againstthe_world is his username on there. It paints a pretty accurate picture of the type of person he was.

    • Tina Reply

      So that means any rebellous kid deserves to be killed?? Sure hope you don’t have kids

      • JayJay Reply

        Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. Seriously? Some of you people need to grow a brain.

  9. Tara Rusk Tracy Reply

    This is a very unfortunate tragic situation that no one ever wants to deal with, however saying LHPD sucks, is just plain idiotic. Their training doesn’t permit for other ways to deal with it, when their life or someone’s is at stake however I will wait for the investigation to be over before I judge anyone.

  10. Tyler Caban Reply

    What people don’t realize is that if you don’t break the law, you won’t have to deal with police. And if you do break the law and endanger the lives of multiple people, you will pay the consequences. Those police officers have families to come home to as well. If police officers are in danger, they will take action. And by taking action on one person, they’re actually saving multiple people’s lives. One life lost to save countless others. I’ll get crap for this. But I really don’t care. As for the people claiming that there was no knife after the incident, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that consider evidence? Wouldn’t it have been confiscated by police and processed at the police station? So you wouldn’t have seen it. Especially if you weren’t even there and are just hearing what you want to hear. As for the gun shots, come on guys, police result to guns as a last result. A police officer doesn’t just immediately pull out his gun. You guys know that gun was a last resort. Everytime a police officer fires their weapon or even uses their taser, they have to write a detailed report about what happened from what I understand.

    • Christina Sumner Reply

      Very well said! It’s simple really if you don’t break the law you won’t have a problem with police. Also when an officer tells you to stop you do it. It’s crazy all these people now a days want to blame everyone but the criminal. That’s what’s wrong with this world. People need to accept responsibility for their actions and stop blaming others. It’s sad this man died but he made a choice and unfortunately it cost him his life. This officer didn’t want to shoot anyone and I am glad he was able to go home to his family. He put his life on the line for the very people who are now pointing fingers and talking bad of him. It’s a shame.

    • Tyler Caban Reply

      One more thing I’d like to add. According to previous comments, about fifteen people know every single detail of what happened. I find that funny, because there were only four people in the house excluding police officers at the time. Unless you’re directly involved in something, you don’t know every single detail. You only hear what others would like you to hear and you only hear what you would like to hear. Just like with those police brutality videos, some of those are extremely one sided and the media only shows you what they want you to see – police officers taking action. They don’t show you what happened previously to bring it to that point.

  11. Haley Scott Reply

    It’s okay to have opinions. Everyone has them. In the eyes of his family it’s hard to believe and if any of you were in the same situation you would be pissed at the comments too. Until you go through this you don’t know how you would feel. You say put yourself in the cops shoes, well hell, put yourself in the families shoes too. I’m his cousin. I don’t care who’s on who’s side. You believe the police were in the right, cool. That’s your opinion. What I can’t stand to see is the comments saying he deserved it, etc. You can say your on the police side or whatever in a way that won’t hurt the family. Cause no matter what happened we still love him and are hurting.

    • Amanda hu t Reply

      I couldn’t agree more so so sorry for your family’s loss I will pray for you guys may God bless you and keep you

  12. Cody Grapp Reply

    I’m glad my parent never called the cops on me when I broke some stuff and locked myself in my room.

  13. Kristan C RN Reply


    For those who feel the officer was in the wrong. This Flagstaff officer was shot and killed during a neighborhood noise disturbance, leaving behind a wife, 2 year old boy, and his unborn son. Officers have a right to use the necessary force to subdue a suspect so they to can go home to their families. Officers put their lives on the line every day, even with a bullet proof vest, there is no guarantee. Think about the officers before judging. Officers, EMTS, nurses, doctors, and other first responders put their lives on the line every day they go to work. If you don’t work in any of those fields, you have no business judging.

  14. Bobby Darrow Reply

    I respect everyone’s opinion on this and am sorry for the loss that many encountered but now bear with me with this but do you ever think about what goes through the officers head after something like this is done, I’m sure it haunts him/ her, if I took a life I know for a fact I couldn’t ever let go of the thought of it happening, or how he or she could be reading this and seeing a handful of people saying they did the wrong thing, I’m sure it’s pretty hard on them too, and I don’t know exactly what happened but I’m still going to take into consideration of how the officer is feeling, I believe our cops did their duties and I think until this thing is 100% sorted out we all should stop pointing so many fingers

  15. Charlie Marie Reply

    I respect that the family and the officer have a right to privacy and all involved, however it’s a public post and ppl will and do express there opinions ,some I agree with and some our just outright disrespectfu,l but as I said everyone has a right to their opinion. ..just as the ppl involved seem to want ppl involved ,saying that this was murder ,so if you say it expect ppl to say what they think as well. With that being said I’m deeply heartbroken that this young man lost his life ,choices have consequences, unfortunately he can’t go back and change the choices he made .I understand that from reading he was contacted a week prior for hitting his gf in the back with his fist,earlier that day for a domestic situation, idk but sounds as if he had anger and some mental health issues as well, if the family felt threatened enough to call the police …I don’t understand why they are so quick to say what they are saying, nobody was there to say he wasn’t having a break and lost control and resorted to ,and felt like he had no other options but to be aggressive with the officers and yielding a knife …the outlook doesn’t seem to be in his favor . I wish it had a different outcome and my heart breaks for the family and the officer involved.

    • Haley Scott Reply

      I agree with you, but this post can’t be taken down, the family didn’t post it. Its not like we posted this trying to get sympathy and it back fired. Its public information. I can see why people would post what they have, I’m just saying is it really necessary. So ya you would think everyone could be a little more respectful to everyone involved. Props to the people who could make an honest opinion without being rude or disrespectful. And if you have an opinion that is hurtful create your own post or put it on your own Facebook. I’m sure their will be contradictions, posts that say to get off here if I don’t like it, but I don’t care. I will voice my opinion respectfully and just hope someone sees the other side to it

    • Charlie Marie Reply

      Haley I respect your opinion and I send my deepest condolences to you and your family and I also agree that some comments are just downright rude and disrespectful but unfortunately the world don’t spin just one way and as with life you have a choice to react or pass it by and take it with a grain of salt ..everybody talks but who cares about them or there opinions. .cherish what you had with him and focus now on the family I wish you all the strength and prayers at this time and remember that there’s always 3 sides to a story and your side will be heard be strong and everything else will be ok.

  16. Tiffany Reply

    Doesn’t matter what kind of person he was. He’s gone! Why? Could the police have tried to talked him down? Did they really have to shoot someone without a gun? Could they had out waited and out smarter him? So death was the only answer? I think not! Every life is worth saving good and bad because God gave us Redemption. Now that he is gone there is no Redemption for him.

  17. Teresa Beard Reply

    He’s gone, God also gave us choices.How sad, so young. God bless all involved.

  18. JayJay Reply

    Did he really have to do all of the things he did that led to this event?!? Stop blaming the wrong person for the actions of one individual. The police didn’t make him do all of this. The police didn’t force him to do drugs. The police didn’t make him grab a knife. The police didn’t call themselves TWICE to stop him from being such a disruptive nuisance. If you read the article, they DID try to tazer him. He lunged at the police aggressively with a knife afterwards. The police saved their own lives and they get to go home to their families. Do you want to know what could have prevented this? DONT ATTACK POLICE WITH KNIVES. FYI a knife is a dangerous weapon and can easily kill a person.

  19. Diane Andrews Reply


  20. Melanie Carey Reply

    Its tragic this happened but our officers wear cameras on them and they record everything that happened so if the cops are corrupt or didn’t do their job right it will be recorded and investigated.

  21. Melanie Carey Reply

    The 911 call was released and his dad was recorded being arrested for coming at officers so what were the cops supposed to do

    • April Durkin Reply

      Looks and sounds like he just wanted to get in his his house because his son was just shot. What parent wouldn’t try to get in?

  22. Jordan Yingling Reply

    The cop cams rnt this blurry so and they said the videos rnt aloud to be viewed until after the investigation Is over and this person who runs this page is a civilian he should not have this video and u know what no he came at the cops with his arms behind the back he didn’t even “come at them” he walked up to them and he begged them to stop he did nothing wrong he yelled for them shooting his son not only that but he has ptsd which is known they r lucky they didn’t trigger it

    • JayJay Reply

      No, HE is lucky he didn’t “trigger it”. Even with video PROVING the guy was cussing, screaming and aggressively approaching officers you STILL cry that nothing was wrong. That’s the problem with you kids these days. You think that’s acceptable behavior. The video of the father has been released because it’s s SEPARATE arrest from the self defense shooting of the wanted criminal. Use your brain. Why are you so set on thinking the police just had it out for this family? Lol.

      • Karen Perdue Reply

        Last time I checked it’s not against the law to cuss and scream, especially when your son has just been shot dead. Yes, the father tried to walk past the police to get back into his house. He wasn’t swinging or punching, just in a state of disbelief and anger, understandably. There are better ways to deal with this.
        None of us knows for certain what happened in the bedroom with the son, but the arrest of the father in such a manner makes me believe all of this incident was strong-armed and too aggressive that escalated the problem. Also, the police actions are probably within policy, but could have been handled in a manner that would not have resulted in death if in fact he was in his room and no one was in immediate danger. The police could have backed off a bit. The officer probably did what he thought was rightl at the time.
        My deepest condolences to this young mans family and friends. Horrible tragedy to endure.

  23. Paula Lyons Reply

    There are two TRUE facts known at this time….A young man, son and father, is dead and an Officer’s life is forever changed! Everything else is a matter of opinion. My heartfelt prayers to all involved.

  24. April Durham Reply

    The police dept must of had a budget problem and need to figure out a way to cut it back how many of you will think twice before expecting the police to protect and serve now.

  25. Becky Hofstetter Reply

    This is such A heartbreaking tragedy a father lost his son and a daughter lost her father . Seems to be everyone has opinion . No one will ever know how desperate this situation was. The father called to get his son help and it ended in such a tragic way . RIP Devon and may our hearts be with Gary in this time of sorrow .

    • GlobeTrot Reply

      How do you know that???????? Or do you just instantly blame the cops when maniacs attack them with deadly weapons and get shot?

  26. Lisa Larson-Cox Reply

    I wasn’t there and don’t know what happened
    One thing I can imagine is that this boys father needs lots of prayers. I can only imagine how he must feel. He tried to get help and he got tragedy. This family need lots of prayers. As one person posted earlier we weren’t there.
    Maybe this young officer wasn’t mentally ready for this event.

  27. Cori Lynn Reed Reply

    Right or wrong a young man and father is gone. An officer also now has to live with the fact that he took a life. People feeling the need to drag this young man threw the dirt, for what? At the end of the day a little girl lost her father and father lost his son. Regardless of the circumstances that’s a huge loss. Many lost a friend, these kids grew up together and they are gonna feel angry. Hopefully they can find a deeper meaning, and purpose for his life. There isn’t always second chances, sometimes your last chance is your last chance. Sometimes one bad choice can be your final choice. My heart breaks for everyone involved including the officer. I’m sure if all involved could of foreseen the future choices would have been made differently but that’s impossible. So this is what everyone is left with and nothing can change it. So the anger and hostility is purposeless.

  28. Bernadetta Leyden Reply

    No one knows EXCATLY what happened. Your going to have the families word and your going to have the cops word….But lets all be quick to judge and blame the cops…Yea thats the right thing to do. I hope when people need them for a situation you dont call them since people are so quick to judge that its the cops fault……People need to start taking responsibility of what their doing wrong,Im not saying its his fault but he was obviously doing something wrong for the cops to even be called. For a cop to shoot him we dont know what excatly happened for the cop to shoot him…Prayers to all involved.


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