High Speed Pursuit


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At just after 8 am Havasu Scanner Feed  overhead “Shut down at Buena Vista” and PD looking for a mint color newer style Nissan  with license plate given  “6ANA492”  vehicle that went southbound from Oro Grande down Buena Vista occupied by 3 males.

More to be added as it becomes available 

Officers have located the vehicle and the three suspects they were searching for. Still attempting to learn more about this event.

BACKSTORY: An officer was attempting to make contact with the occupants due to “Suspicious Activity” call. The occupants fled down Hollister to Kearsage, threw a syringe out the window behind Bashas then down the back alley of Arapaho towards Dairy Queen. Speeds reached 60+ when the sergeant listening to the call ordered officers to terminate pursuit, that’s what the “Shut down at Buena Vista” was (terminating CODE 3 – Lights/Sirens).

Officers located the vehicle, and the 3 suspects which each had warrants for their arrest. They were taken into custody.