Unknown Problem


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500 block of Knobhill Drive. RP reports there is a female outside that is unconscious covered in blood, unsure where from.

PD and Fire-Medics are responding CODE3

RP is back on the line stating that the female is now conscious, and advising she is unsure where – but she has lost a lot of blood. She believes she may have cut herself.

Officer on scene requesting other officers expedite to the call.

Officer is clearing the house to ensure safe for medics – advising there is a lot of blood.

Additional units arriving on scene.

Officer advising house is clear – send in medics immediately upon arrival.

Officers running a plate of a vehicle that has blood on/in it.

More PD units arriving on scene.

Fire-Medics requesting Ambulance respond CODE3

1 Subject ran – Canada Warrant for Assault (Firearms Related)

Another subject ran – Failure to Appear Warrant for Burglary

A second fire-medic requested for a male subject “not feeling well”.