Tuesday’s Fire at Three Dunes Cove

Posted on Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 at 4:30 PM

Provided by Mohave County Sheriffs Department:

Waterways Deputies also responded to a wildfire near Three Dunes Cove on Arizona State Parks Land early Tuesday (7/4) evening.  The fire, which was approximately 3 acres, appeared to have been started from fireworks.  Deputies had to evacuate several boats, campers, and beach goers that were in the immediate area.  Arizona State Fire and Arizona State Parks arrived on the scene and were able to contain the fire right before nightfall.

36 comments on “Tuesday’s Fire at Three Dunes Cove”

    • #burnbabyburn Reply

      That’s what those flames look like. Good come back!!

  1. Erik Spring Reply

    I’m glad they were able to put this out rather quickly. But the dumb asses who thought it was smart to light fireworks there please don’t ever come back.

  2. Cindy Robinson-Ritter Reply

    Yes we are down at Black Meadow Landing directly across the lake from there. They were lighting fireworks off over there for at least two hours. I heard they caught the people that did it. I hope so!!!!

  3. Kristin Reply

    They were lighting off fireworks on and off the hour or so before the fire started. Went up quick and then tonight some people were stopped on their boat right next to the roped off burn area from yesterday lighting off mortars again. There are no words.


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