Traveling – Domestic Violence in Progress

Posted on Thursday, March 10th, 2016 at 11:29 AM

Highway / West Acoma

Male Driver, Female Passenger in Black Truck with Utah Plates. Arguing with each other Northbound on the Highway. Male described as white male with shaved head and Goatee. Female with hair up a bun. Male subject is hitting the female. Child is inside the vehicle.

Three Lake Havasu PD Officer in the area attempting to locate.

Motorcycle Officer with vehicle coming out of Hobby Lobby – all over the road.

Officer has vehicle stopped at HavaGas (N. Palo Verde). 2 other officers are going to assist with the call.

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5 comments on “Traveling – Domestic Violence in Progress”

  1. Kim McCallen

    I think this is the a**hole who passed me on the left using the median he almost killed me and my son hope he gets what coming to him?

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