Trash Fire

Posted on Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 at 9:23 AM

On London Bridge Road north of Industrial there is a trash truck driver who states he believes there is propane or other in his load that is in his load causing a popping noise and believes his trash load may be on fire. Driver will be emptying his load into a field.

FD is en route to investigate and provide assistance.

FD is requesting a backhoe to the location to help spread out the trash.

FD on scene with a fully engulfed trash load, will be setting up a water supply. Requesting an additional engine for secondary water supply.

FD requesting PD for traffic control to shut down London Bridge Road.

Battalion Chief and a Fire Investigator are also en route to the scene.

London Bridge Road closed Northbound at Doyle Drive.

Fire under control at 9:45 AM

Engine 1 just left for a second load of water. Investigators are checking the contents of the load.

5 comments on “Trash Fire”

  1. Ariel Klutts Reply

    If people don’t stop putting dangerous items in the trash a lot less people are going to be getting their trash picked up on time….. Or at all.


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