Trampoline into Power Line

Posted on Saturday, July 8th, 2017 at 8:40 PM

Lake Havasu City Fire Department en route to a cross street off N. McCulloch (street unaudible) for a trampoline into a power line.

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40 comments on “Trampoline into Power Line”

  1. Moe Helmersen Reply

    I think it was up here behind me. I saw the flash and some like something was on fire. Then heard the sirens. Top of chemehuevi

  2. Charlotte Ann Van Der Wolf Reply

    This is definitely deja vu. Last year in July up here on Kashmir off of Kiowa we had a huge trampoline go up and blow a Transformer right behind our property. I looked outside and saw this huge trampoline going through the air look pretty cool at the time but electricity was out for about 4 hours or so

  3. Michelle Roy Reply

    Mine ended up under the patio flu about 20 ft in the yard thank God didn’t go anywhere else and somebody’s whirlybird I think they call them here is in my yard

  4. Yuugiho Reply

    I would like to see the people who used a trampoline on top of the power line, that is brave.


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