Traffic accident with road closure

Posted on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016 at 9:39 PM

Highway 95 at mile marker 192

From DPS: On 04/02/2016 at 2102 hours, there was a injury collision on SR-95 MP 192 involving a vehicle that rear ended a tractor trailer. The car started on fire. One subject was flown to a hospital with unknown injuries. The roadway was reopened at 2218 hours. That is all the information I have at this time.

Update @ 11:27 PM – Highway reopened. Resume normal traffic.

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  1. Gregory Hanson

    Just drove by there a few minutes ago and it looked like a war zone. Semi trucks axle was torn off the trailor and the truck and trailer were a couple hundred feet down the road.

    • Pam Feddersen Balsitis

      Just north of the airport

    • Heather Davis

      we have been here for a while. it’s a fatality and we are all waiting for crime scene. cop said at least another hr til we move

    • Jasmine Mathews

      Is that what they said? I’m about 70 yards back from the accident. We weren’t to sure what was happening..

    • Heather Davis

      that’s what they said but we just drove past it and the big rig is fine there is another car that was obviously not ok.

  2. Michelle Bowes

    Stop with the annoying “.” Comments. If you want to follow a post click the arrow at the top right and turn on the notifications. Or are you too lazy?

  3. Amanda Michelle Walters

    I drove past, I feel sorry for the families. How long will it take to clear up? I have to get past. 2 people are out in the desert with no car, no water, no shelter, no blankets, and with 2 dogs

  4. Kayla Nicole

    They are taking turns. I work down at pilot Wendy’s and I just got home. They’re taking turns letting sides through. There are tires and cones all over the road. Tons of police. I was stopped for about 45 minutes but they were letting sides go back and forth taking turns.

  5. Kristi Park

    Drove by the aftermath on my way home. Looks like the Cherokee possibly rear ended the semi at a very high rate of speed. If it was a fatality it was the person in tge Cherokee. It was burnt up but did look like it was white.

  6. Jeff Wyneken

    I didn’t see any signs of fire, but the left side of the white SUV looked like it got hit the hardest, it was pointed northbound. It also appears that the semi’s trailer wheel carriage (frame, two axles with four wheels and tires each) seperated from the trailer. All this is based on quick glances…

  7. Kandice Pitts

    The jeep looked like a squished aluminum can it was horrible i hope everyone is ok but it didnt look like they could be it was bad πŸ™

  8. Debbie Grant Kenny

    We were there while the jeep was on fire, they turned us around after 1:45 minutes they let us through. A war zone is the best description! I can’t stop thinking about! I have no idea how they are going to clean that mess up! Thank you first responders and everyone else that was there last night! So sad!

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