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Posted on Monday, September 19th, 2016 at 2:05 PM

In Today’s News Herald was the following onion:

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21 comments on “TNH Onions – talkback”

  1. Charlyne Reply

    I saw this and marveled at the stupidity…what happens when her face is punched and she calls for help? Takes all kinds…

    • Julie panter Reply

      Ridiculous to call police for everything. People ARE allowed to argue or punch their own wall. Neighbors need to stay out of other’s business. Besides arresting people for non threatening issues gives police records to some who don’t deserve it as well as taking police away from more pressing issues.Stop calling for minor problems people, don’t you have anything better to do!.He who has no sin may cast the first stone

      • danceswithskunks Reply

        People ARE allowed to argue, but if you are being that loud that your neighbors heard you, then you need to tone it down. It’s not about getting into your business. First of all, when other people hear arguing and walls being punched, (and only God and LHCPD dispatch/transcripts knows what else they may have heard or seen), with all of the out of control things that go on now days, they are afraid it’s going to get out of control and cause THEM danger, so it IS their business. You have a right to argue but they also have the right to peace and should not have to be worried about some couple arguing and punching walls. In this right to carry state, they don’t know if you have guns and/or have them out. Also, maybe they had young children who overheard you and your arguing terrified them: did you think about that? How do they KNOW what’s going on in there?

        Where I lived before, I have seen all kinds of things happen. What we thought was a domestic argument/dispute between a couple turned out to be a home invasion robbery/attempt murder and I almost got shot for stupidly thinking “Oh they’re just arguing/fighting.. I should be safe right here…” (standing next to the guy with a hidden sawed off shotgun under his coat). The only thing that saved me was the guy’s shotgun jammed after he pulled the trigger.

        So how in the hell do YOUR neighbors KNOW that you are ONLY “arguing?” How do they KNOW you guys are only arguing and not doing something else that will threaten their lives? THEY DON’T. Put yourself in their shoes. Maybe you are not capable of doing that.

        Secondly, did you ever stop to think that MAYBE someone gave a crap enough about your ungrateful ass, that they wanted to make sure you were okay? Maybe they didn’t want you beat up or killed. That’s called caring, not getting into your business. Whether or not you care about that or want help is irrelevant. It would still be on THEIR conscience if you were seriously injured or killed. If you don’t want someone “in” your business, I suggest you argue and punch your walls and do whatever very quietly. I’m glad I live far enough away from any neighbors so I don’t have to put up with that kind of stress. Stop thinking about yourself long enough to realize that your “arguing and punching walls” could be stressing out the neighbors and scaring their kids. A simple argument is one thing. An outright screaming match and punching walls to where your neighbors can hear you is involving them – and YOU are the ones who initiated that involvement.

        As for your casting the first stone statement, none of us are without sin. I’ll tell you right now, if my husband and I got into a heated argument loud enough for the neighbors to call the police, I would be embarrassed and I’d be going to each neighbor the next day and apologizing for worrying them and causing them stress. But that’s just how I grew up. Look at it from THEIR perspective. We ALL sin, but take responsibility for YOUR actions and don’t blame the neighbors for calling the police. That’s on you. One day, they may decide NEVER to call again and instead of a “simple argument,” someone could break into your house and be attacking you. Then you might just be WISHING someone cared enough to call after hearing a lot of noise. You think things like that don’t happen to you, but I’ve been through enough to know it can and it does. Then you’d be angry at your neighbors for NOT calling.

        I’ll be willing to bet, if we all asked the LHCPD for a transcript of whatever call (or call history) you are referring to, we’d hear the neighbor(s) either telling the PD “We are afraid that….” or “We are worried for her, or him, or their kids…” Or maybe they called because they got tired of hearing the noise. You are not the only one with rights. It IS stressful to hear that kind of stuff.

        If it would help clear up any confusion, I’d be glad to request a transcript of the call(s), since everything is computerized and recorded these days and is public information. That way, we can all hear the ENTIRE story via the internet, from the neighbors side as well as yours. We can also get the body cam footage from the officers and decide once and for all if you have nosy neighbors, or if maybe there’s more to the story. If you happen to be the original person who posted this “onions, (or knows them)” we can find out once and for all how much money the police got from their big push for money on this call and exactly WHY you or they were “criminalized.” I mean if that is you, then wouldn’t it be okay if we heard all of the facts? (I mean, since it has been made public by the original poster already). That way, we can find out who called on you and why. They may want to respond to this too. It’s only fair to hear all of them out as well.

        Lastly, I guarantee you that if you lived near me and I heard loud yelling, wall punching and it continued on and on, I’d be one of the FIRST to call. I have put up with enough violence in my life, that I absolutely REFUSE to put up with any more. I also happen to care about people, regardless if I know them or not. We had a man in our neighborhood who “seemed upset” at some kids. Before anyone could call the police over his “simple yelling” at some kids, he took out a high powered rifle and started shooting them. It was over pretty much before the police could get there. I know at least one little girl died because I saw a police officer grab her and try to save her but she was dead. I’ve blocked some of it out so I don’t remember how many little kids he shot and killed. I’ll bet the parents of those kids WISHED someone cared enough to call over a “simple argument.” I love living here in Lake Havasu now, and I am NOT going to have my life dictated by violence anymore. Like it or not, I don’t care. And I also don’t care what you say back to me, or complain about. Get over it. Get counseling and punch pillows in the office. By the way, if you were to get beat silly by your boyfriend or husband, I’d also be the first person out there to help you, even if you spit in my face. It’s not being called nosy. It’s called CARING.

  2. Scott Reply

    Maximum enforcement only affects people who break the law. If you are going about your business the police will leave you alone.

    • danceswithskunks Reply

      Very good response Scott. I have no problem with the police coming around my house. In fact, I told them they can park IN my driveway, alongside the house – anywhere they want. I even offer them water or Gatorade, etc. They kind of have to be here a lot since there’s an elementary school nearby and lots of illegal parking and other dangerous situations. I’ve seen 3 kids hit by cars and 2 died in front of me, (not here, but it can happen anywhere), so I encourage the police to come around and keep an eye out for danger. Every opportunity I get, I thank them for their service. I have run into a lot of officers here already, and every single one has been friendly, kind and caring. Of course, I don’t punch holes in walls and act like a giant two year old, or break the law and then expect immunity. I treat them all with respect and every single one has returned the respect.

  3. annie88 Reply

    Really stupid. No one ever taught these people there are consequences to their bad behavior? I fully support law enforcement. I taught my children to respect law enforcement. They both chose, when they were younger, to mouth off. They suffered the consequences. Lesson learned when they were young adults.

  4. danceswithskunks Reply

    Well Gee…..Did she leave her name by any chance? It’s perfect timing for a “certain individual” who seems to have it out for the LHCPD. It sounds just like a similar post in the other Lake Havasu Orchids and Onions group on the internet that I’m in. I wont mention names, but she seems to think the police should give littering tickets instead of arresting prostitutes. She talked so much trash against not only LHCPD officers but LHCFD fire fighters as well, that she pissed me off. She said the trash men should be thanked so I told her instead of calling 911 for an emergency, call the trash man. She didn’t like that. I found out why she hates LHCPD, but I wont mention it here. She is not acting like any type of decent human being, but I am decent and unless she wants to come on here and challenge me again, I wont bring up her name. It may not even be her, so I will respond to that ignorant comment.

    First of all, police officers don’t do what they do for MONEY or fame. They don’t get paid crap and they are used to people not liking them. I know. I am NOT a police officer and never have been but I have been around LEOs (law enforcement officers) since birth. I am now 59 years old. I was welcomed into the Blue Family as a kid (long story) and also have blood family in LE (Law enforcement).

    I have seen first hand what happens to LEO’s on their jobs – and what their thankless, crappy paying jobs do to them. I met my first LEO friend/hero when I was seven. He befriended me after he noticed that I had just witnessed a trauma: my classmate was killed in front of me and I watched her die. So he began visiting me almost every day to check up on me. This went on for at least a couple of years until one day he got shot five times. I was devastated. He lived, but never was able to come back. My angel – my hero and protector was yanked out of my life in an instant. After that, when I got older, I joined the police explorers because of him. Before the explorers, when I was about 12, I had a police radio and heard one officer die over the radio (the entire call). While in the explorers, I heard a second one also gunned down and murdered (all the details over the radio: the screaming and crying, etc.). I’ve also attended at least ten LEO funerals (mostly murdered but two) and was close to two of them. I also have had two LEOs close to me commit suicide from PTSD. One was just like my brother as kids and young adults and he took his life a year ago yesterday. I also just got sent a picture last night that has had an impact on me: the spot where he committed suicide and took his last breath.

    So I know a little about LEO’s. I have had a lot more experiences with LEOs that kept my eyes open my entire life as to what they put up with on a daily basis. For those of you who THINK they know what a LEO really deals with – If you are NOT or never have been a LEO, then you have no clue. As a citizen and 110% police, fire, all first responders, veterans, dispatch, etc. – **I** don’t even know. I may have seen a lot and been on TONS of ride alongs, but how many of you have held a baby that died in your arms? My LEO uncle did and it brought him to his knees. How many of you have responded to car accidents where human bodies are mangled beyond recognition? I know a LEO (I wont say where) who had to respond to a suicide of a kid. The kid shot himself in front of his parents and the parents were begging my friend (the LEO) to save their only son. He had shot himself in the head and my friend tried so hard to save that boy but couldn’t. I can sit here and tell you all kind of horror stories that LEO’s have to deal with – and then keep on working afterwards. They can’t run home and cry. They have to hold it in to do their jobs, and sometimes, they can’t let it out later. So for those of you who get pissed at an officer for a traffic ticket or maybe he or she isn’t super kiss ass and polite: maybe they just had someone die in their arms. They can’t tell you that.

    As for arresting people for domestic violence, punching wall, etc. – any IDIOT already knows the high amount of domestic violence calls that turn into murder if you watch the news or follow it. It’s very common knowledge to the general public, that a lot of domestic violence only gets worse and a lot of times someone ends up dead. So, yeah, if you are fighting like two physically overgrown two year olds, throwing shit and punching walls – YOU **ARE** breaking the law. The definition of criminal is a person who has committed a crime. So, um…YEAH, you ARE technically a CRIMINAL. The police didn’t criminalize you. Domestic violence is a big thing and a CRIME. **YOU** criminalized YOURSELF. So, try to act like an adult and take responsibility for YOUR actions. Don’t blame shit on the responding officers because you are too immature and close minded to blame yourself. Grow the hell up and stop breaking the law, and the police wont show up.

    I expect some type of negative response – so “Go for it.” I fully support all LEOs with every drop of my BLUE blood and every breath I take. I would give my life to save a LEOs. (This includes fire fighters, and all first responders – those who give THEIR all for us).You can whine, complain, bitch, and say anything you want. I don’t back down. I back the blue. To all of the LHCPD and LHCFD: “Thank you for your service.” You guys rock and I already know you are too professional to respond to this idiot who complained. No matter how many citizens spit in the faces of LEO’s, no matter how much they hate them, the police will still respond and be there for you. They leave THEIR families to go out and risk their lives for strangers, and get shit on left and right. Now they are all targets in a hateful world. 3 officers were intentionally run over by a Black Panther follower – in PHOENIX.

    Lake Havasu is a nice place, but crime is increasing. If you care about your community, SHOW the police that you also back them and appreciate them. Let them KNOW you care. I think a guy wrote this post complaining about the police and if I remember correctly, his first name is Dick. So, please don’t be like this person. DON’T BE A DICK.

  5. C. Pants Reply

    that onion is so true, the police are not there to help you, they are there to cuff and stuff, raise their stats and make themselves look absolutely essential thus expanding their bureaucracy

    • danceswithskunks Reply

      Well if you quit breaking the law, they wont have to cuff and stuff you. Your own crimes raise the stats. They will always be essential, regardless of people like you. The Sheep need the Sheepdog to protect them from the Wolves. The police are all that stands between the (good, decent) citizens and total chaos.

      I’ve noticed that the type of people who mouth off against the police, usually have been arrested, or someone they were close to was arrested – or shot and killed by police in defense. If someone’s father, for instance, calls the police and says his son just broke into his house. they respond to the call. If the son picks up a knife and threatens police, he will be shot. Just because the police didn’t help HIM doesn’t mean they don’t help others. They took down a threat who could have killed others, so that is helping. I can personally attest to the police helping me on several occasions.

      I lived alone in a terrible part of town before, and there were several occasions where I had to call 911 for help. Every single time, the police/sheriff would come racing up to help. In fact, speaking of the police “not there to help you” (according to you), there is a news clip of a family inside a car that caught on fire with five kids and adults inside. The police officers didn’t waste time or give a shit about THEIR own safety. They ran right up to the burning car and got them all out. I’ve seen LOTS of live body cam footage on officers helping and saving citizens in many ways.

      One day, if you ever need the police, they will still be there for you, regardless of your poor attitude and hatefulness. They will risk or give their lives to save your sorry ass. As much as I hate to admit this, I would have to do the same thing, even if I’m not a police officer. I did grow up around them and it’s been engrained into me to help others, regardless if they hate you or treat you like shit. Police officers taught me that when I was a KID.

      By the way, since you are so unhappy with the police, LHCPD is hiring I hear. Go down and apply. Change the dept. from within if you think you can handle it.

  6. Lois Vieni Reply

    I totally agree with you!! I always tell them to be safe whenever I see a LEO!! HMMM I wonder how the police got there? Did someone in the house CALL them?!?! Smh

    • danceswithskunks Reply

      LOL Lois. Maybe the police are leprechauns. They magically appeared. They have ESP, so they KNOW when and where they are needed. Also, they have super sonic hearing, eyes like eagles, and can become invisible – so I guess they just….POPPED up from the local clover field. I loved your comment. You’re right, a phone call to 911 usually follows by a visit from some officers, lmao.

  7. Dont ask dont tell Reply

    Ok well everyone says bs but seriously some officers dont care and the people that write this stuff are the ones who have either had the wrong officer or did something stupid i have had officers the really care and dont just label people but there are cops that dont care they are a**holes but people only see the bad never the good they do

  8. Annie Reply

    Person writing onion probably a drunk and or druggie who got arrested and is putting the blame on the police as they “didn’t do anything wrong”!! Like what you have to say dances with skunks.

    • danceswithskunks Reply

      The reason I thought that is because I saw someone saying similar things on Lake Havasu’s Orchids and Onions. The police wont respond to their house unless someone calls them. They don’t sit around at the station saying “Let’s go house to house and arrest anyone who has a simple disagreement.” So the post tells me straight out that someone called on them and they didn’t like getting arrested for domestic violence. Even if the police showed up, they wouldn’t make an arrest unless they had probable cause and saw evidence (as in HOLES IN THE WALL, bruises, etc.) – depending on the situation. I don’t even know if they had arrest anyone, but the person who posted it said the police “criminalize” them. The only one who criminalizes them is themselves for breaking the law in the first place. Like what you said, they are trying to put the blame on the police as if “they didn’t do anything wrong.” It’s easier to point the finger at responding officers than to act like a responsible adult and take the blame for your actions – ESPECIALLY now days when so many groups are targeting the police. The police only respond to calls, they don’t sit around and write the laws up.

  9. Jennafer Reply

    This sounds like a classic case of, I fought the law and the law kicked your ass!!

  10. danceswithskunks Reply

    Understood. Gas prices are high. The gas and electric bill went up too. Our internet and cable bill were outrageous. Grocery store prices really socked it to us the last time we went shopping and the MVD really got us on the truck registration.

    You CAN reduce or eliminate court fees/fines if you don’t break the law, follow the rules of the road, drive like you are supposed to and don’t park illegally. I see people drive up outside, LOOK right at the No Parking sign and park there anyways. Some of them park and ask ME if it’s okay to park there. Um….DUH….I only live here. It’s NOT my No Parking sign – it’s a city sign. So I just smile and say “I don’t have a problem with it.” If you are that ignorant to have to ask ME if you can break the law, then you probably NEED a ticket. I don’t interfere with the traffic enforcement and it’s not my responsibility to tell everyone that it’s a city sign when you can clearly see that it is.


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