Tips for a Scam-Free Holiday Season


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Scam artists are out in full force during the holiday season to take advantage of people’s generosity and busy schedules. Havasu Scanner Feed and the Lake Havasu City Police Department would like people to be aware that scammers will put a holiday spin on existing scams.

Here are some red flags to help identify most scams:

· You are asked to wire money to another country. Or, the caller is located outside of the country.

· You are threatened if you do not send money or give your personal information.

· You are told there is an urgency to send money immediately.

· You are asked to “fill in the blanks” for people snooping for information.

· You are urged to keep things a secret.

Many victims have received a desperate call or email from someone, who very convincingly, poses as a relative in need of help. Always confirm whether a story is true before sending money.

· If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

If you did not buy a lottery ticket, you did not win the lottery. Be cautious of seasonal work-from-home jobs, and never send money for an employment opportunity.  Simply hang up and call the number or visit the website you know to be legitimate. Never give any money or personal information, unless you initiated the contact.

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