Teen Hit By Vehicle

Posted on Monday, August 15th, 2016 at 7:59 AM

7:50 AM – A teenager was struck by a vehicle at Kiowa and Smoketree. Officers and FD on scene. Student is conscious and alert with no head injury. Injuries are to left knee and left clavicle. Ambulance also now on scene.

Student was transported to the hospital at 8:17 AM

Roadway re-opened at 8:24 AM

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  1. G Taylor Reply

    People just. Need to slow the heck down. They fly down S McCulloch. I cross several times a week with my dog. Don’t even tap thier brakes. If I tripped I would be a dead person. No respect .. Praying for this young person.

  2. Tina Espinoza Reply

    I saw it the lady of course was in a hurry and hit the poor kid was laying there holding his leg this is why people need to slow down when driving around the schools hope he’s going to be ok

  3. Shila Hamm Reply

    I have had my teenager almost ran over in the crosswalk several times at the high school and in front of Telesis, SLOW DOWN AND PAY ATTENTION!

  4. Rhianna Newcomb Reply

    This is my friends son, and this is infuriating!!
    Seriously, EVERYONE in town KNOWS that school has been in session for a week!! SLOW THE FUCK DOWN AND PUT DOWN YOUR CELL PHONES!!
    I think more police presence is NEEDED in school zones, for this very reason…
    Prayers that he’s going to be ok…

  5. Sue Reply

    He was sitting up against a car when we passed by. Prayers for you young man.

  6. Rhianna Newcomb Reply

    It doesn’t matter what route he used. The point is that people need to PAY more attention in school zones, period!! Were waiting anxiously to see if he’s ok. He’s not dying, but he’s not good either…

  7. Ara Lee Schuler Reply

    People speed all over this town, 45 in 25 residential streets, kids playing riding bikes folks just don’t slow down! I called the pd and ask if a cop could patrol a busy residential neighborhood as the cars fly up and down it and they said that people drive to fast on every street in town! Speed humps cost thousands so not a option. Not good and now with school back in you have to pay extra attention!!

  8. Vicki Johnson Reply

    It’s easy to blame the cops for not being at every crosswalk, school and incident but how about blaming the adults that drive like idiots literally all over this town. There are only so many cops in the whole city. More cops and more coverage take more money and no one wants to pay more to get more. It’s a shame the boy got hurt and hopefully he’ll be fine but adults and driving age teens are the the problem. It’s not really that hard to do the right thing. You really don’t save yourself any time by driving like a maniac to get where your going. People will gripe if the police are out in force writing tickets and enforcing every infraction too. Adults just need to assume a little bit of responsibility and do the right thing on many levels and it’s really not likely that’s going to happen anytime soon.

  9. Allison Cox Reply

    How about a plan to bus the kids to school like every other school district in America??? Oh my god, my taxes might go up 10 bucks a year. Wah. Every parent could be more productive without the traffic messes if they all weren’t racing to school at the same time! Pass an over ride Havasu! Paying the police to do responsible parenting would cost more than a bus system in the long run.

    • Allison Cox Reply

      Kenny Johnson AMEN brother. After driving my kid to and from school every day for 13 years, my 20 year tenure in Havasu ended in 2010 when I escaped the hell hole heat, ridiculously sad education system and moved to the beach in central California. I pay super high taxes, super high house prices and I have NEVER been happier. It was 73 degrees today. My electric bill was 38 bucks last month for a large house because I don’t rely on air conditioning to survive anymore. I also love slowing down for all the buses in the neighborhood for the kids every day.

  10. Janet Konkol Reply

    I saw the young man get hit and looked as though he was crossing over Kiowa as the gal made a right hand turn. Speed may have not been a factor so no one should judge until there are facts. It was horrible either way and praying the young man is okay as I saw him try to stand up as the gal jumped out of her car. Being a mom, I felt for both the boy & driver. I do have to give a huge kudos for those that stopped and crossed over to help. This was not at a crosswalk either. Prayers for all involved….

    • Sandra DuBois Reply

      No Bonny, my son was hit crossing twenty nine palms hwy at night, with the middle double lines, no fault of the driver, cause he was jay walking & did step out in the drivers lane.☹️

    • Janet Konkol Reply

      Bonny Toy I am not trying to confuse anyone. Just sharing what I saw and so many judge before facts. My own son was hit by someone not looking right and totaled his truck so I know first hand how things can happen quickly.

    • Bonny Toy Reply

      When I was 10 I attempted to cross Biscayne Boulevard in North Miami…… lol, not smart. Lucky to be alive. I should have used a crosswalk instead of jaywalking. I am sorry, I was being sarcastic.

  11. Travis Riess Reply

    15 mph is a little bit of a pain yes so fix the problem and get your ass out of bed a few minutes early. SLOW THE HECK DOWN PEOPLE!

  12. Rhianna Newcomb Reply

    He has a few broken bones and is going to vegas for surgery. He should be ok!
    A lot of you need to re-read my police presence comment. I’m not placing blame on them, but I do believe if they were there people would slow down and be more attentive…
    As drivers it is OUR responsibility to PAY attention to the road and our surroundings…
    And I know for a fact that this child has amazing parents that are pissed and hurt that this happened to their child.

    • Vicki Johnson Reply

      Blame was a bad word 👍. And high visibility with a police presence does help but they don’t have the man power it would take to be at all the schools monitoring the traffic situations, crosswalks and just the area in general. All towns unfortunately have these issues in & around schools. Not sure there’s a perfect answer but drivers slowing down and paying more attention would be a good place to start.

    • Crystalynn Reply

      It is easy for you to blame the driver of the vehicle or the police for not showing enough of a presence having known the poor kid who got hit..I would just like to suggest from a completely non biased position knowing no one involved that accidents sometimes happen where no one is actually to “blame”
      Of course it is the driver’s fault since pedestrians always have the right of way..but so many people have commented on driving in that area daily yet no one has mentioned the way the sun completely blinds driver’s as they drive towards it during those hours of the morning when it is still rising. Maybe the driver wasn’t speeding or otherwise irresponsibly distracted. Given that none of the injuries to the kids appear to be life threatening it would seem as though excessive speed probably wasn’t a factor in which case all of these people blaming the lack of police presence and blaming the driver for speeding are wrongfully placing blame. As a mother can’t imagine the thought of something like one of my children being hit by a car but on that same note I couldn’t imagine being the driver who probably, if they are a decent human being and most definitely if they are a parent having just dropped off a kid off their own, feels horrible for the accident happening. People shouldn’t judge others, period, but certainly without all of the facts. I hope that everyone involved is ok and pray for a speedy recovery for the injured teen for what appears to have been nothing more than an unfortunate accident that leaves no blame to placed.

  13. Stephen R Jones Reply

    It’s really easy to blame the driver, but we don’t know the whole story absolutely I’ve had many pedestrians just walk out in front of me without a care in the world. Bottom line, it doesn’t matter who’s at blame, the pedestrian ALWAYS loses and they need to be much more aware than the drivers. We can play the blame game all day long, but in the end, the kids still going in for surgery abdomen in pain.

    • Jessica McAtlin Reply

      If he was in the crosswalk, it is the driver’s fault 100%. All drivers must yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. It’s the law. I walk quite a bit and the amount of people that can’t wait a couple seconds to let someone cross the street is ridiculous. I can’t count the number of times I’ve almost been run down.

    • Stephen R Jones Reply

      And again with the blame game. Does it really matter who’s at fault if the pedestrian is injured or killed because they thought a white line on the asphalt would magically stop a vehicle and stepped in front of it anyways?

    • Stephen R Jones Reply

      Doesn’t matter. He still got hurt. I’ll bet he’ll be a lot more observant at an intersection before crossing in front of vehicles. That’s my point, not who’s to blame.

  14. Erika Reid Reply

    Go crawl under a rock please. He tried to stop, she didn’t. If the ladies that have posted here that they witnessedthe accident call me I have sent you both my number I would really appreciate it.

  15. Henry Reply

    I think no one can speak unless you saw what happened there’s so many assailed kids that think they can just dart in front of cars don’t judge unless you were there.

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