SWAT Activity on Empress

Posted on Thursday, September 28th, 2017 at 8:33 AM

We confirmed with a neighbor in the area that SWAT was active on Empress. When we arrived Havasu PD had two unmarked crown Vics and an under cover lieutenants vehicle.


The neighbor reported Sheriffs SWAT was there prior but quickly cleared out after announcements to come out were made and the entry team made entry.

The neighbor further stated that a Sheriffs homicide/burglary detective that was in plain clothes took photos from their location of the suspects truck and advised them there would likely be police activity in the days to come.

28 comments on “SWAT Activity on Empress”

  1. Le Davis Reply

    Unmarked Crown Vics are more suspicious than legitimate cop cars nowadays. They need to step their undercover game up.

  2. CarolynH Reply

    I saw the cars as I drove by this morning around 10:30 and knew immediately it was unmarked cars. Was curious what it was about, but not enough to slow down and gawk. The cars were on both sides of the road, so new it was something big.

  3. Charlotte Ann Van Der Wolf Reply

    So.. If you go to the post, click on the drop down bar , it will give you the option to “follow” the comments instead of putting ridiculous useless dot In the comment. I’m saying it’s ridiculous because someone comments on the post people go to the post to see what’s happening and all you see is a dumb little dot

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