Suspicious Circumstances

Posted on Sunday, May 8th, 2016 at 6:21 PM

PD en route to Shoshone Lane for a report that female believes someone gave her Marijuana Brownies, she feels like she’s going to pass out.

26 comments on “Suspicious Circumstances”

  1. Jolene M Reply

    LMAO really? I’d say that’s a waste of weed, giving someone an edible who doesn’t appreciate it…pftttt I’d call the police just to report some dumb shit like her….smh 😛

  2. RaeAnn Lee Renfro Reply

    Lmmfgdao ok seriously? Wow!!! First off she’s a waste of good bud and brownies too at that! Whoever gave it to her I hope they learned their lesson. Lol. Second if this is actually a true story then I hope the person who did give it to her dips out on that friendship. She’s a party killer with that while calling the police n shit. And last she ain’t helping the cause for those of us who are fighting to keep marijuana legal, she’s proof that it’s definately not for everyone. Hahaha just sayin!


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