Suspicious Activity / Check Hazard


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At 8:28 AM PD and FD were dispatched to the 3600 block of Lost Dutchman Drive after the RP reported that they found suspicious activity in their roommates room while their roommate is out of town.

FD requesting that a Police Sergeant respond to this call to make a determination on how to handle this call.

FD is requesting that the RP exit the residence until PD responds. Fire is staged outside the scene.

FD is requesting that the Battalion Chief review the notes on the call to determine if he will be responding to the call as well.

FD staged.

PD arriving on scene.

PD Sergeant on scene at 9:30 AM.

Engine on scene turned scene over to PD and went complete at 9:48 AM.

PD Sergeant and Lieutenant cleared from the scene at 9:49 AM.

DR#16-7225 @ 8:28 AM

At 10:27 AM Lake Havasu City Police Sergeant Tom Gray told Havasu Scanner Feed, “There were some chemicals found at the residence that were thought to be suspicious but turned out to be legal and not dangerous.”