Suspected Pipe-Bomb Followup


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The Lake Havasu City Bomb Squad detonated a suspicious pipe-bomb looking device in the area of Black Hills Bay and Black Hills Drive yesterday afternoon.

Police, who were alerted to the device by an off-duty LHCPD Corporal, responded to the area and secured the scene until the bomb squad responded and disrupted the device rendering it safe.  “The device turned out to be a GEOCACHE but did appear to be very similar to a pipe bomb so all the necessary precautions were taken”, says Sgt. Tom Gray with the Lake Havasu City Police Department.

“Geocaching” is a pastime in which participants use a Global Positions System such as a smartphone to find items that other GPS users have hidden.

The cache, titled “Charlotte’s Gone South” was hidden by cacher “WyobikersJ&S” on 12/1/2014. The cache had 72 logged visits/comments, the last on 11/23/2017. There are 245 geocaches listed for Lake Havasu City on, a for-profit website owned an operated by Groundspeak, Inc. out of Seattle Washington –  which also lists several cautionary tales of geocaches placed without landowner permission in a forum topic titled, “Bad Ideas, Bomb Scares, Etc”. (CLICK HERE).

“No attempts to contact the cache hider have been made by LHCPD, and charges are not being pursued.” according to Sgt. Gray, “cache hiders are reminded to not use containment devices which look like pipe-bombs”.

Prior to posting a cache, potential posters are asked to review a number of guidelines.  Numerous locations are considered off-limits for caches, including on or near government buildings and schools.  Cache hiders are also told to clearly mark the containment as a geocache.

The Lake Havasu City Police Department and Havasu Scanner Feed would like to thank members of the community for keeping clear of the active call, allowing the professionals to do their job of ensuring a safe and secure community.