Subject with a Weapon

Posted on Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 at 1:05 AM

Female in the 1200 block of Madera Drive is reporting that her neighbor hit her while he had a firearm in his hand. Parties are separated at this time.

PD en route.

Female is advising that the male was in his yard calling her names. She went over there to confront him when the incident occurred.

History shows past issues neighbor problems and an assault.

Officers arriving on scene.

Officers out with the RP. Will advise further.

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10 comments on “Subject with a Weapon”

  1. Kurt Smith Reply

    Going into another person’s yard to initiate a confrontation just might be considered criminal trespass. So he’s calling you names. Stick and stones lady, sticks and stones.

  2. Reply

    He was not calling me names, he called out my name several times extremely loud while setting car alarm off lights flashing into my house his big mouth an alarm 4-6x a night. He does it all the time. That’s not even a smidge of the nvrending FOWL things he does. HE ALSO PREYS ON YOUNG LADIES SUCH A MY DAUGHTER. &oh miss NICOLE LYNN, WTF DO U GET UR INFO?? Bcuz I DID N O T GO 2JAIL AT ALL 4ne REASON. NICOLE B4 u go bumpin ur gums u should get the REAL FACTS FIRST?? How r u going 2say that I went 2JAIL WHEN I DIDNT. THe cops DID NOTHING.. & 2u Mr Kurt Smith u also do not know what ur talking about….. IT ISNT &or WASNT CRIMINAL TRESPASSING U SILLY. UR ANOTHER ONE WHOM SHOULDNT “Assume” things or bump ur gums bout shut that isn’t TRUE & wouldn’t happen. Get ur fkn FACTS STR8 FIRST b4 u POST THEM PLEASE?? Ur just making a BIG “ASS” of urself!!!!!! Y’all shouldn’t “ASSUME” &then POST SUMTHING AT ALL UNLESS & UNTIL U HAVE HARD SOLID FACTS. I Mean c’mon now. Folks. Aren’t u adults? U have common sense& so on. If not, keep ur comments 2urself. I mean if it was VICE versa would u like 2hear/see all bs comments bout u that aren’t true. I mean grow up. U weren’t here haven’t been so u don’t what happened so please havea little couth& respect please?!! Thank u 4letting me vent. Wish the cops DID MORE OR uhh did something (2 him w-him) nething!!!!!

  3. Harry Balzonia Reply

    It’s best to remain silent and thought a fool rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

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