Subject with a Weapon

RP reporting a male subject with a weapon at In & Out Burger brandishing a revolver, left the restaurant in a white GMC pickup truck with white camper shell to the area of Windsor with Washington License Plate similar to 3CWBYNG.

Officer behind the vehicle, southbound on Lake Havasu Avenue pulling into Car Toys.

Officers running records on a revolver and a shotgun.

Subject and Truck have no wants or warrants.

No Wants on the weapons.

Subject from Washington was tailgating motorcyclist, motorcyclist flipped off the subject, both pulled into parkinglot, words were exchanged with the RP telling subject to “F*** OFF! Go back to Washington you snowbird”, then the revolver inside of a towel was displayed by this Subject.

RP wants charges. Suspect pointed Revolver at RP’s face.

This subject states that he felt threatened, that the RP was coming at him, that the subject displayed the weapon only to intimidate him but did not point it at him.

The investigation is ongoing.

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