Subject not breathing

Posted on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 at 3:34 PM

Hole #7 at the Bridgewater Golf Course (London Bridge Resort).  CPR in progress.

PD and FD en route.

Daughter has arrived on scene and had advised the father does not want to be ressesitated. CPR has been stopped.

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34 comments on “Subject not breathing”

    • Teri Jameson

      I don’t really think it’s anyone’s place to comment regarding this. Let’s just think about the loss of life here for a second and respect that. Prayers to the family.

    • Kendall Usinowicz

      Bonnie Butterworth I read it correctly. You legally have to stop CPR when you find out a person is a DNR. His wish was to not die with people pumping on his chest, but to die naturally.

    • Andy Ward

      should be a law passed that DNR’s must be confirmed. 2 scenarios: #1 somebody claims that another person has a DNR, so the EMT’s stop with assistance, the person passes. The person claiming of the DNR was incorrect, the family sues the Cty/County … #2 somebody claims that another person has a DNR, but without proof they continue assistance, the person survives and then sues the City/County for allowing to live ….. a real Catch 22.

    • Ariel Klutts

      When someone has a DNR they are usually in terrible health and do not want to finish their days off in a hospital. I doubt people take DNR paper work on vacation

    • Michelle Roy

      Not always. I know somebody that has a DNR but when we take her out say to the hairdresser we don’t take it with us but the law is if you cannot show the DNR then they are supposed to perform CPR

    • Teri Jameson

      Seriously people, who cares about the law. None of us know the specific circumstances surrounding this situation and it’s really not our business. Please be respectful of this family losing a loved one and take the debate over legalities of a DNR elsewhere. A family lost a loved one today. That’s what this post is about.

    • Suzanne Wehman

      Maybe the loved on would be honored to know his “loss of life” taught all of us about the proper use of a DNR!!!

    • Bonnie Butterworth

      Teri, I understand your posts about the legalities of a DNR being inappropriate, but this isn’t the family’s personal FB page, no one is being disrespectful, it’s an open discussion about DNR’s and HSF added this to a hugely public and open forum with virtually no information. And quite frankly, I care about the law, and everyone else should, too. If anything is done against legal protocol, the city has opened itself up to a huge lawsuit, which puts all of our personal monies on the line. Also, no one knows if the man died while many have publicly made this assumption, which is far more disrespectful to the family than a simple question about a DNR.

    • Shannon M Chapman

      How is a discussion about this disrespectful? This is a news forum, not an obituary or a personal feed. People are merely discussing the article!

    • Teri Jameson

      It should be self explanatory. Questioning the use or validity of a DNR or the handling of it by paramedics in our city is ridiculous. If you want to know how a DNR works, contact the hospital or an attorney. Using this platform I think is a bit rude when there is a loss of life. You are correct, this is a public forum; however, it is something that can and might be viewed by the daughter that had to inform paramedics of the DNR and I know that was a very hard decision because I’ve been there.

    • Tish Kohler

      As a retired RN and EMT from PA, UNLESS appropriate legal papers were produced in an emergency, CPR was enacted. Not knowing all the details, the question could be asked why EMS was called.

  1. Gail Broderick

    Bless her. If her father had a DNR, which im sure she did, her father is now happy and died right where he wanted to be. What a gift he received. RIP, and condolences to the family. ♡

  2. Patti Wells

    My kids had to deal with this recently. They knew that their Dad wanted dnr, having had cancer for years. The out of town family wanted to keep him alive until they got there and convenient for them. I think that my one and only tattoo will be DNR!

  3. Denise Marie

    With all due respect to all, none of us were there. None of us know what information or evidence was needed or provided. None of us know the entire situation so can we please just at least show respect for a person who passed and their family. None of this is our business. I get concern but if your concern is so great, contact the authorities, don’t question a families most painful decision on social media. Not looking for a war of words, just common decency. Thank you & prayers to the family most definitely.

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